Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Lovely Lyv

Where to begin with this character? How about here...

Devilssnare (as in Devil's Snare), my Undead Priest, was the first Horde 'toon I created shortly after discovering World of Warcraft back in February of 2008. You see, my husband had been playing about a year, having been introduced to the game by his best friend (Beelze). For a couple of years since having our kids, the four of us would rent a condo in the Laurentiens for a weekend in February. This particular year, my IRL best friend (a.k.a. "Fart"/Loudstinker, Beelze's girlfriend) had also started playing WoW, and all the three of them could talk about was the game. ARGH! Very frustrating, being left out like that.

Thus began my addiction.

One day, Fart and I were home, the kids were napping and at school, and we decided to play a bit of WoW. She made a warrior to go with my priest, and off we went. On and off like that, we leveled, afternoons with coffee and Dairy Milk Toffee Thins, and lots of giggling. We made it to level 72, and then she quit the game.

Logging off together in our crypt.

Awww..... <3

For Christmas that same year, I'd asked for a name-change for Devil as a present, because I kept being confused with a guy that went by Devilsknight who had a terrible reputation on our server. Lyv was reborn. Firstly, because I think she looks like Liv Tyler (I think Liv Tyler is extremely beautiful, please don't assume I'm trying to be insulting), and secondly because I like the irony of her being undead and a priest.

Sadly, I've since had to level her to 75, alone, to max her alchemy skill so she can brew up some pots and flasks for Anou, or transmute gems for Octavien. It has been helpful to my coffers, having her added professional support, but it just wasn't the same... Right now she is sitting there at level 78, with her ever-faithful cockroach, still somewhat dazed from her loss. There, there, Lyv, it'll be ok.


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