Saturday, November 9, 2013

Calipso and Zeezu

Calipso, Hunter Mail T-mog

I have not gone through the items list to find what Calipso's sporting, other than knowing the helm is from the Blizz Store. Please feel free to leave a comment if you happen to know the items! :) I like the combination blue and silver, I like the shine and sparkle, and I find the overall look pretty fresh as far as hunters go.

Zeezu, Druid Leather T-mog

Unfortunately, being in a LFR, I didn't have time to look at Zeezu's realm. However, troll, druid, guildless... My sleuth skills bring me to believe this is her. Anyway, I absolutely love the bared skin and lethal-looking helm, the pointy spear—so very trollish! Also, kudos to a well-chosen name! It sounds like something exotic that would come from Durotar or the Echo Isles for sure!


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