Thursday, December 19, 2013

Size Matters

We were having too much fun with this. Were? Heck, we still are!

Back before patch 5.4, when we ran The Barrens Weekly to get coins and stuff, one of the vendors sold a trinket in exchange for 500 Kor'kron Stone: Whole-Body Shrinka'. Pallyblood, Darger and I went and farmed all that stone the night before 5.4 to be able to buy this vanity item.

We had previously seen Kuiper use it on his shaman during raid. He'd shrink down and auto-run towards the boss, then he'd actually talk in vent like a shrunk person, with this voice-altering program he has. It is one of the absolute funniest things I have ever experienced in game, and had all of us laughing hysterically.

On a side note, here's a shot of Hercules walking the roads of Orgrimmar with his bodyguards.


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