Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tribute to Vikings

Back when WotLK came out, my first 'toon leveling through those zones was Anoukisse. At the time, my husband and I leveled our mains together, so she was always trekking along behind Hapis, a very wide-shouldered and sexy Tauren. Yummeh. Errr.. anyway... Since he was the leader, and I think because it was most convenient from the departure point we were at, we leveled from the Eastern side of the new continent.

My first impression of Howling Fjord was actually AMAZING! I loved the music in that zone, the graphics, the Northern Lights, I loved the giant viking-type NPCs (even if I had to kill them with fire) and their neat little villages. Dragons flying in the sky were just a bonus.

Recently, I went back there for my try at the mount in UP, and I saw the massive castle-like structure from a different angle, and I just had to take a snap of it for posterity.

One day, Ragnar will be king, and he will hold this castle as his own. And Anou will visit him. >:) But I will not be writing about that interlude. /cackle

Ragnar Lothbrok


Tome oftheAncient said...

Howling Fjord is still amazing isn't it. Although I'm happy when a mount finally drops sometimes I'm also just a little sad my excuse to be there is gone.

repgrind said...


Anoukisse said...

I feel the same way about a lot of the zones, Tome. While I'm actually grinding through them, there are some that I am just happy to get out of--but months later, I get this urge to just hang out there, and can't find a legitimate reason to stick. :/

Anoukisse said...

Repgrind, you read my mind. >:)

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