Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Die, Garrosh, DIE!

Well, the raid team we had—that plodded through ALL the raids from this expansion, some even several times—dispersed after 80-some pulls on the last and final boss, Mr. Garrosh Hellscream. That was unfortunate. And it made me pissy and grumbly. (I would so never have done that cloak quest line had I known!)

Luckily for me, our very own Goblin Priest, Berdine, who's stamina and determination had him raiding pretty much simultaneously with two different guilds, was able to pull some strings and get me in on a regular group SoO, to see the final boss fight.

Yay! Killed the boss. Yay! Saw the end. Yay! Got the mount! Thanks to Berd, and Rook, and the gang in Midnight Marauders for letting me be part of the team for a few weeks! :) /kiss kiss


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