Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Foothills

Dearest Hillsbrad,
How I loathed thee whilst leveling. Seriously. Bloody farmers. Farkin' alliance scum tearing up the NPCs at Tarren Mill. Ceaseless PvP bloodshed. Lions and spiders and bears, oh my! Need I say more?

Then, upon discovering Old Hillsbrad, I was so delighted to see how Tarren Mill had been during the age of humans. Comparing it to the present-time decrepit buildings run by corpses, the Hillsbrad I knew, was poignant to say the least!

Yet now, how I miss thee since the tragic Cataclysm. The ironic undead modernization; abandoned alliance territory falling into decay. Yes, you brought along Johnny Awesome and his "friends", an absorbing mini-game for amateur gardeners, and your new quests were the most entertaining in-game ever, but still...
It just isn't the same. I mourn the loss of you.

Sincerely yours, Anoukisse

"It's good to be.." /gasp

"This is not how I remembered it."

A look at what was once the village of Southshore.

For those interested, featured above: Embroidered Armor, Patchwork Belt, Simple Kilt, Knitted Sandals, Beautiful Wildflowers. Photo bombers: Little Fawn and Orange Tabby (mount: Regal Riding Crane).


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