Friday, January 4, 2013

Demonology 101

Her arrival at the quiet little town of Dawn's Blossom instantly made her the main attraction. Mind you, anyone arriving with a giant purple demon is bound to hit the radar.
With Azlikad clearing the way ahead, menacing swords drawn, a small grouping of children fell into step behind her.
"You dress funny."
"Why are you so thin?"
"Are you a hoo-man?"
The incessant chatter was making her head ache.
"You have floppy ears!"
"Why are your ears flopping?"
Clearly, the parents of these Curious Cubs had lost their senses because there was no one to prevent Anou from kneeling down and pulling them close to give the children a little lesson in demonology...

"Have you never seen a demon, children? Azlikad here," with her thumb she pointed back and poked the brute towering behind her, "is a demon. One of the evilest, foulest creatures ever to walk the face of Azeroth. He is mine to control, to do with as I please." Some of the cubs merely stared, others whimpered, but all looked up at the violet-skinned monster, with his rippling muscles and glowing weapons. Anoukisse tilted her head, lifting those sinister green eyes to the children, to peer at them through the slits in her helm. "See these horns? They're real, go ahead, touch them, see for yourselves..."
With eyes round as saucers, the children inched closer to touch the horns on the pretty blood elf's helm. They were amazed that she was so powerful that she could control the mighty demon standing sentinel behind her...
'The demon these belonged to wasn't as lucky as Azli is, though,' she said to them ominously. 'He displeased me. So I tore the horns right from his head with my bare hands!' she continued. 'Glowing green felblood splattered everywhere! As I sent him back to the twisting nether with a wave of my hands, his screams could be heard from the other side of the Dark Portal...' A collective gasp came from her audience at that moment, and then, as one, they ran off to find their parents.
Anou rose, smacked her hands together and grinned her most devilish grin. 'That takes care of that,' she told no one in particular. 'Azli! Come! I have business to attend to.' And she walked away, hips swaying delicately, her demon silent and close at her heels, a wary look in his eyes.


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