Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thank You Savage Darkness

Christmas Eve morning, 2012, I log on to Anou to get my dailies done quickly before finishing up preparations for Christmas.

Darger pops onto remote chat, sees I'm online, logs onto the game--this is crack-of-dawn-time for someone who lives in California--and tells me he has something for me.

"Follow," he says. We group together. "Hop on." (Darger is a man of few words.) I climb onto his back (Sandstone Drake) and he takes me to Kun-Lai summit, to the used yaks lot, and proceeds to trade me 108,000 gold.

I am speechless. I am without speech. Sanity kicks in and I cancel trade and tell him he's out of his mind. "It's a present from me and the guild," he explains to me. "Take it Anou, I don't have much time, and I want to see you buy it."

Like a slow-motion animation, I accept that insane amount of gold, walk to Uncle Bigpocket, purchase the Grand Expedition Yak... But I can't click it. Once I click it, it's for real and for true. Again I question Darger's lucidity. With my eyes closed, I learned the reins of that shaggy-haired ox, missed the achievement, then finally opened my eyes. Everyone in guild was congratulating me (although I suspect no one was aware beforehand that the GM and some officers had made the decision to get me that sought-after mount). I was excited but at the same time I felt terribly selfish and spoiled!

"Mount up," he suggested. And I did, giddy as a kid at Christmas.

Thank you SD! Thanks Darg and Kuip! Whether they knew it or not, many have said I deserved it, and that is the most touching of all. I am very fortunate to have such generous guild mates!

Since then, during downtime, Anou can be found leisurely wandering the roads of Pandaria with her minions and companions, at a slow walk, just enjoying the clement weather...


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