Friday, January 11, 2013

Well of Eternity

When the new trio of dungeons came out, including Well of Eternity, I was simply beside myself with joy. My favorite parts of this game all happen to be the instances within Caverns of Time, where we experience flashbacks of the history of Azeroth.

My first experience was Old Hillsbrad, when they showed Hillsbrad as it was before the scourge. (I love it even more now because they've turned my beloved Hillsbrad into some modern purple concoction, and took away the real South Shore where PvP battles of epic proportions would occur on a regular basis.) Then Culling of Stratholme because we were all turned into some form of human to battle the scourge. And now, the Well of Eternity...

That one particularly touched me because I'd recently finished reading two omnibuses, the equivalent of six books from the shelves of Warcraft, in which the story of Azshara's downfall occurred. I was going to see it firsthand...

Aerial View of the Palace

View of the Well From the Bridge


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