Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Sad Day for Sheepie

Have you done the Chee-Chee rep grind? He's the Tillers' monkey friend.

After I don't know how many times Octavien went looking for Chee-Chee's adventurous Sheepie, today would be the last day he'd find him. Awww. QQ (No, really, I'm sad.)

That's one flat lamb.

So, the evil Hozen from the mountain got him, and Chee-Chee was desperate for revenge when Octavien brought him the bitter news. Off our hero went again, to slay eight villainous Hozen, and returned to Chee-Chee triumphant. The ape took his time and penned a letter to Octavien, his new best friend, and here's how it went...

Yes, I keep a tidy mailbox.

"Don't ask where the leather came from." Yikes.

Aaaaaaanyway. Octavien now has sheep on his farm courtesy of the primate. Now, who do I need to talk to to get the farmhouse tidied up?


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