Sunday, March 3, 2013


How often have you seen this? Well. I have never seen it, so, since it looked like a tea party, I had to screen shot it. And then, I had to corrupt it.


Kaitz said...

oh noes! never would have expected to see a hostile blingtron, he always looks so happy too!

Navimie said...

How do you make a hostile blingtron!

Anoukisse said...

Octavien logged on at the Lazy Turnip in Halfhill. This sight met his eyes: a Blingtron from each faction, face to face. Clearly it was the work of some twisted engineers... ;)

This image was Photoshopped as I can't select two targets at once. So, I took two screenshots and super-imposed them so you could see it was one of each faction. They were like: Face off! Game ON! Hee hee. ;)

Anoukisse said...

For some reason the quote "the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy" comes to mind here, lol.

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