Sunday, March 10, 2013

Teasing the Alliance

Kuiper somehow learned of a kind of glitch that let Horde players fly into The Silver Enclave (the Alliance-only Inn) in Dalaran without being stunned and chucked out by the guards. Once I managed to get in, Anou brought out a warlock portal and started summoning interested parties.

We had a grand old time mounting our mammoths in their tiny foyer, dancing, and all other manner of entertaining stuff to tease them unmercifully. (We are Horde you know, and Savage to boot! It is our Thrall-given right to do this!)

The poor Alliance players could only stand there and stare, and the more clever ones resorted to flapping their arms and clucking like chickens, with the intention of provoking us but really, they only managed to look... worse. >:)

Long live the Horde! Long live Savage Darkness! Long live Kuiper's sense of exploration!


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