Monday, September 2, 2013

A Date with Wrathion

During the legendary saga of Wrathion, Octavien must meet with Wrathion at Tavern in the Mists to discuss certain matters. Anduin Wrynn is there with him.

Here's something I noticed right off the bat: I love how Anduin is sitting. Wish my toons would/could sit like this sometimes...

A little later in the quest chain, when Octavien returned to Wrathion with the Secrets of the Empire, he almost interrupted Wrathion and Anduin's board game. As he stood there, waiting to be acknowledged, he heard a bit of their conversation:
Wrathion says: ...Why did you play that piece just now? 
Anduin Wrynn says: It's a Pandaren board game. The object is for both players to win. 
Wrathion says: That's ridiculous! Why would you even play!?

I actually lol'ed. ;)


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