Monday, September 9, 2013

Told You He's "Da Man"!


Not all LFR's are bad and filled with blame-pointing jerks. Well, actually, that one was terrible. But not for Oct. ;) But... wtf are "clutch heals"? 0.0


Anonymous said...

"Clutch heals" are the heals that save someone just in the nick of time, the heals that prevent the group from wiping and allow a kill to occur. It's by analogy from a "clutch shot" in RL sports -- something that is "done or accomplished in a critical situation" or someone that is "dependable in crucial situations" (thanks,

Anoukisse said...

Awesome, thanks so much Kamalia! That makes it sound so much more important! There will be no living with Octavien for the next few months... ;)

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