Monday, September 23, 2013

Vilífy, the Relic Hunter

Here we have a lovely Blood Elf warlock, Vilífy, the Relic Hunter, of Arathor. Poor thing was just standing around Shrine, minding her own business, and there I was, screen-shotting her like a mad-woman.

As usual, I didn't take down the item list. For anyone who knows them and cares to comment, please feel free! :D I know the hat is the Crimson Felt Hat, the gloves are the spidery ones from Cataclysm, and the belt... I have that belt. I forget the name of it. Of well.

I like how the hat 'goes' with her title. And I love how the green knob of her staff matches the stupid enchant color, making the piece work just the same. Good job Vilífy!


tomeoftheancient said...

Not only does she look marvelous I love the name for a Warlock too.

Anoukisse said...

Very true. But most importantly, she's so stylish, she gives us other warlocks a good reputation! ;)

harpysnest said...

The robes drop in Ragefire chasm I think but their name escapes me. Definitely a well dressed and well named Warlock.

Anoukisse said...

Thanks for the tip! This warlock has since dropped her tmog in favor of the tier 16 set she already has! ;) /jealous

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