Monday, July 7, 2014

Even the Lich King Didn't Want Him

On one of those nights, at the end of an expansion, when friends just get together for no reason and run old content, I was ninja-vited into a Heroic 25-man ICC raid group. We were seven, including myself.

At the very end, you know that part.. you remember... when everyone would accidentally release because the Lich King "took their soul"... the part that Blizz only thought of hot-fixing at the end because they were fed-up of people opening missed-loot-because-of-premature-release tickets?.. yeah, that part. We were at that part. The seven of us. But only six of us died. One man was left standing...

Darger Baits the Devil of Ice (Get it? BAITS?Bwaha!)

My soul belonged to the Lich King. And Taint's, and Pally's, and Kuip's, and Rul's. Tirion was rushing to our aid... He could have tripped on that open clam Darg left lying around. Or fainted at the sight of our rugged Orc warrior/GM/raid leader, standing there in naught but a loin cloth... Alas, he beat Darger to a mass rez, brought us back to life, we slayed the Lich Lord, end of story.

But seriously. That was unexpected.

Speaking of the man with 1198k HP, who literally survived the wrath of the Lich King...

From all of us in SD. <3


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