Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Don't ask me to explain to you how we got there. People have filmed it, explained it, demonstrated it. Not exactly sure what it's supposed to stand for, though there are plenty of rumors. It was all Pally's idea. I was something of an innocent, curious bystander. But I also have absolutely no skill at walking through walls, like both he and Darg always somehow manage. So, hitching rides with them, on various mounts, I made it through to the other side...

Into the Building

Through the Wall

Down on the Ground, Look Around

After the initial shock of seeing Orgrimmar from inside-out, we continued our trek, in flight...

With Pally in the lead, we flew to this vault-like place that looks like some sort of shrine or memorial. Pally and Darg had already been here before, I think. But I never look for the "inside scoops", or the "hacks, loopholes and glitches", so this was all eerily new to me.

Up the Rabbit Hole (Glowing with a creepy green light.)

Moment of Silence

Banana of Honor

Raising Our Glasses in a Toast to WKM

Bubbles of Life

A Touch of Greenery (Well, maybe more than a touch...)

Silly Party Stuff (To lighten the somber mood...)

Darkmoon Gryphon —Pally waits on the Mushroom Chair

Nomi Brings Snacks

Anou's Final Farewell

As I'm not the type to go looking for these things, it really was a final farewell. I'm glad I saw it though. I was amazed at the "back end" of the game, how strange things felt, like looking through a two-way mirror. WKM is likely to remain a mystery, unless someone has concrete proof pointing to who/what it was supposed to honor. Though I feel there's more to just it than what that ticket response had to say. I can't imagine a long tunnel ending in a room with three framed letters on the wall being made by mistake...


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