Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Missed Her!


Twice within a month, I logged onto Anou and managed to miss Navimie! I was SOOOOOO disappointed! I saved the in-game mails until they were about to disappear, then I made copies and tucked them away in my Guild Bank, just because it was that special to me.

I think it might be my turn to stealth into the realm of the Frost Wolf and send in-game mail of my own! ;)


Tome oftheAncient said...

Oh no! Well I hope you manage to turn the table on her and catch her on her server.

Anoukisse said...

I may actually go and do just that, right now! ;)

Navimie said...

Help! I can't seem to comment! I love your new look!

Anoukisse said...

I see you, Navi! :D Thanks for the compliment on the blog's new look! :D I found it at http://btemplates.com . They have lots of nice themes.

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