Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Liebster Award—Segment II, Rule III

After having been nominated and accepting my Liebster Award, and completing items No. 1, 2, and 7 of rules, here are the questions Tome asked of her 5 nominees:

1. How long had you been playing WoW when you realized it was not a passing fancy but true love?
To be honest, and this is probably cringe-worthy, but after my first hour of play, my husband and I were setting the table for a meal, and I pointed at the bread and said "tough hunk of bread, must remain seated while eating." I think I was hooked.

2. Are you a screen shot taker and if so guesstimate how many you still have.
I am most definitely a screenshot taker, and at any given time I must have at least 1000 photos in my folder.

3. What is your favorite zone and why?
Dalaran. Without a doubt. Maybe because it was my first really long end-game hearthstone, I started and ended my evenings in Dal. Maybe it's because it looks so civilized compared to most of the Horde zones, and that agrees with Anou's delicate senses. I love the cobbled streets, the Leger Demain Inn, the blazing fire and animal hides in the Filthy Animal's lobby. The daily cooking quests were the greatest! Everything about Dalaran is just right.

4. What are you most looking forward to or dreading about Warlords?
I am most looking forward to being with "my people" on a regular basis again. Just hanging out, leveling, watching guild chat scroll, that's what makes this game my game.

5. Who is your favorite non-essential character in-game? A favorite repair guy or an auctioneer that you always must deal with.
Not one in particular, but, I love meandering through Orgrimmar, saluting and waving at the grunts and guards. They salute and wave back!

6. When I started my blog I was too scared to comment on others. Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011 changed that for me. Is there an event or blogger that made you feel comfortable commenting on blogs?
I think it all started with Kirina's Closet. She indirectly inspired my blog, I was participating in her forums, I guess you could say that it opened the door to this whole experience for me, really.

7. Do you have any strange WoW quirks? For example I seem to think the harder I hit the keys the more forceful my attacks are. I know … but it can’t hurt.
The light on the NumLock key has my OCD in an uproar: to see it unlit bothers me no end. So, I sort of stop-and-go to make sure the light is always on.

8. Do you have WoW themed things in real life? Example.
LOL, no. But that example is SUPER COOL!

9. Are you lucky enough to have real life friends or a spouse who plays WoW too or are you bravely going it alone?
My husband's best friend initiated my husband. Together, they initiated his girlfriend who is also my best friend in real life. A year later, being that that was all they ever talked about, I gave in and joined. Alas, within the last year, they have all quit, so it's me, all alone, with my entire guild. ;)

10. Do you still find surprises in-game that you didn’t know were there? I recently saw someone selling a Wine Glass. How did I miss that! My bank alt needs one!
There is always something in-game that I've missed. But I don't go out of my way to find all the cool stuff, because I like the surprises! Incidentally, Tome, each of my toons has one of those wine glasses. ;)

11. Finally, do you think you’ll still be here when they pull the power and turn off the lights? I know I will.
I hope they never do! :O


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