Thursday, May 15, 2014

Walk Through Silverpine Forest

Again, the urge to travel back to her early beginnings as a Warlock overcame her. It had been quite some time since Anou had strolled through the dark, cool forests of Silverpine. It was possibly so long ago, that the Sons of Arugal still wandered the shadowy woods in search of the unsuspecting drifter.

As of late though, Anou had noticed one strange thing: Each time she flew over the area, a cymbal clash could be heard, followed by something like a spark. Three undead men then appeared out of thin air, accompanying her across the zone. This evening was no exception. However, this evening, Anou was waiting for their appearance down on the ground, atop her noble stallion, Sinister. It was clear these gentlemen sought her for a purpose, something she was curious to find out.

The heavy hooves of her horse clopped against the packed earth as she made the cross into Silverpine Forest from Tirisfal Glades. Anou immediately noted the now-familiar clash and sizzle, and low and behold there stood three distinguished fellows: Lord Godfrey, Lord Walden, and Baron Ashbury. She brought her war-horse to a halt and turned to regard the three men. Not one to mince words, she looked down at them and stated, "you wanted to see me, gentlemen?"

Baron Ashbury: "Keep the conversations curt. I am in no mood for whining or rambling."
Lord Godfrey: "For pity's sake, Ashbury, cover yourself. Your leg bones are popping out."
Baron Ashbury: "I did not bring this wretched affliction upon myself, Godfrey. It was a "gift", remember? Now kindly enjoy the "gift" and shut up."

Anou cleared her throat, looking down at their pasty faces and crumbling limbs, waiting patiently for someone to say something useful...

Lord Walden, catching the drift, raised his voice and spoke: "Southwest of here, near the Greymane Wall, lies the 7th Legion Base Camp. We must search the base camp for battle plans. With the 7th Legion battle plans we will be able to pinpoint all Alliance troop advancement in Silverpine Forest."

This seemed promising. And all tasked directly by Sylvanas. "Walk with me, I want to hear everything."

"Let's get out of this rain, my cloak is drenched."

Once inside, after the traditional "paying of respects", they adjourned to a quiet room above stairs and continued their conversation. Secret missions, hostage taking, liberation of soldiers, all plans worthy of a great Warlock. A great Warlock like her.

She would agree of course, but it was nice having men of such stature practically on their knees, needing her help. Maybe she would let the needy whimpering continue for just a little bit longer.

[Camera two, zoom in, to portrait view of Anou in chair.]
[Anou: /delicate arching of brow and maniacal glint sparkling devilishly in eyes]
[Fade out.]


Tome oftheAncient said...

Ha! They should feel lucky a Warlock would deign to help them, well that's what my Warlock said anyway.

Anoukisse said...

LOL Tome! I'm still snickering and giggling! Your Warlock is absolutely right! ;)

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