Saturday, April 6, 2013

Frost and Peaks

My bank alt has been parked temporarily yet indefinitely in Storm Peaks to keep a watch on the weather. Anou really wants her Arctic Fox Kit, so she has bid Frost get it for her, since she herself is very... busy... doing... err... stuff. Anyway. Bank alts do not get to question mains.

While Frost was out doing what was commanded of her, I 'aaawwww'ed' when I noticed this:

Naturally, it needed to be screenshot and Photoshopped and posted here.

Ok, and this is kind of random, but when I wrote "Naturally",  I couldn't help think about the video below. And you know, I never get tired of watching this sketch. It's really, really funny. A WoW parody/remake of Elvis and Costello's Who's on First. These guys do the voice-overs perfectly. Love it!


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