Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Pen is 'Mightier' Than the Sword

Well, that is what she said, but this is what he said...

~ Mighty, on getting his alt invited to the guild.

Just to give you a better understanding, he said 'ms' referring to me, the player. Then he figured since I was on my male 'toon (whom I roleplay as being very manly and virile, etc, so poor Octavien is always being mocked by everyone in guild because of this), he humored my usual roleplaying style...

I was AFK though, so when I came back to my desk, I could not stop laughing, and had to screenshot it for posterity. This came out of the screenshot folder today when I was sorting my hundreds of photos to make a bit of space... ;)

Thank you Mighty, for being the playful, intellectual type—it's refreshing and fun. Definitely appreciated! :)


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