Thursday, April 4, 2013

Leap of Faith My @$$

Where, oh where do I even begin?

Sneaky Goblin. What a little trouble-maker. While we were raiding Heart of Fear one night, we stopped for a few minutes to get snacks and whatnot. I came back to my desk rather quickly, and saw our resident Priest being a prankster. Again.

He didn't know I was back, so I watched as he continued with his sinister plans...

Notice in the first image, Octavien is at the top of the stairs. When I went AFK, Octavien was actually on the platform where the stunning-spears are for Wind Lord. Notice also Berdine's comment—I can practically see the maniacal glint in her (his) beady Goblin eyes.

In the second picture, he is placing himself as far as possible down the stairs, but still in reach of my pally to move Octavien as far as possible from the group. I could even hear him in vent, snickering at his own naughtiness.

By the third photo, since Leap of Faith has a one minute cooldown, everyone was back at their desks. The little trickster high-tailed it back up those stairs, leaving Octavien to wonder...

I has no more Faith Berber! /angryeyes



Navimie said...


Anoukisse said...

Hehe. Ya, he's a brat. ;)

John Walcott said...

lol, my evil little plan was such a success. muhahahaha

Anoukisse said...

Tsk tsk. Berber, you naughty priestling. ;)

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