Thursday, April 26, 2012

Belly of the Cave

Erysi took a leisurely swim in Daggercap Bay--the body of water near Utgarde Keep--last night, after turning in some low-level quests in UK. Deep into the cave she went, toward the flickering light of a fire. However, when she turned, this is what she saw:

Skull in the Cliff Side

Digression: The quests she was turning in were to Dark Ranger Marrah. I'd simply forgotten to turn the quests in when I went with the group, initially. But every time I tried to turn them in after, she never spawned for me to turn them in! Wowhead comments mentioned her spawning after a minute, others said she appeared after pulling some mobs, and others still mentioning they were able to see her once they were half way into the dungeon. My experience is this: If you're in a group, she will spawn. If you go solo, she will not. I learned this after trying all of the above, and finally got a guildy (Pallyblood, thank you) to group with me, we both went in, and she spawned a few moments later, without us attacking anyone.


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