Monday, April 30, 2012

Flash Back: A Date with Victor

Victorvolkov was a well-known warlock on our realm. Anou's DPS was terrible, but she has a competitive nature, so she was doing her research. One night, he happened to be standing at the bar of a shady inn in the less reputable part of Dalaran, and she pounced on the opportunity. Leaning against the bar, in her most sultry Blood Elf voice, Anou offered him a glass of Snowplum Brandy and asked him if he cared to join her...

Cantrips & Crows Tavern, The Underbelly

Various beverages ensued, and the ambiance got a bit hazy. (Dagrin made a lousy chaperone, perched on Anou's lap the entire time, cowering away from the evil charisma emanating from Victor.) But Anou came out of there with an excellent rotation to practice and a lot of useful statistical information (that she luckily jotted down), as well as a new name on her Friends List. Thank you Victor. ;)


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