Monday, April 23, 2012

WoW "Quirks"

Kirina over at Kirina's Closet (as well as all the cool people who share their screen-shot addiction within her forum), has inspired me to post a couple of recent pictures I snapped that are, let's say, beyond the norm.

For example, the mage table. Perhaps I had never gotten as close to it as I did last night, or  maybe I was just paying attention. But did you notice how adorable all the tiny food on there is? The bottles, the miniature fish feast, etc. Very, very cute.

The Mage Table

Or, how about this bowl of apples Erysi found waiting for her at Nesingwary's Basecamp in Sholazar.

Now, these next ones were taken sometime during this past winter, while Anou was farming rep in Nagrand. One ogre was trying to kill her when she noticed a fallen enemy at the top of the small rise...

First Point of View

Up Close

Frontal View

In that first picture, I could not for the life of me figure out what exactly that was. Once I got close enough, I realized it was a two-headed ogre, fallen dead on his back. In that second picture, it even looks like there's a nose in the center of the two "eyes". It almost reminds me of a Muppet, with the heavy lids and long lashes!


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