Tuesday, April 10, 2012


... Dun-da-da-DAAAA!

The Diary of a Gnome Spy!

The original header from my old personal website.

Greetings and welcome to Anou's diary, a place where I chronicle--mostly in screen shots--the life and times of the (now famous) "Princesse" Anoukisse of Savage Darkness.

I bet none of this makes any sense to you, so allow me to explain. I play World of Warcraft (WoW). My main 'toons reside on Arathor, in a guild by the name of Savage Darkness (SD). They are all Horde except my baby Human Death Knight slave boy who runs errands for me (*I* am his Lich King! Muahahaha!).

"So, why 'The Gnome Spy'," you ask? Well. My very first 'toon was a little Gnome mage by the name of Juniperus. After a few weeks of my husband and friends showing me the ropes in WoW, they could stand the Alliance no longer and went back to their Horde 'toons. I quickly followed. A few months later, at roughly level 40-something with Anoukisse, I joined the guild my husband was in (SD) and took the persona of a gnome spy in guild chat. Let's say that it just stuck.

Now then, I love creating stuff, staging scenes, WoW fashion, side-line stories/role-play (though Arathor is not a role-play realm), and since I love to snap-shot moments in our Guild's history that are fun or momentous, I have decided to create this space to share my characters' epic moments.

Without further ado, here is a quick list of my characters, the main protagonists you shall find within these pages...

1) Anoukisse, level 90 Blood Elf Destruction Warlock;
2) Octavien, level 90 Blood Elf Holy Paladin;
3+) Lyv, Undead Priest; Takoda (a.k.a Erysi), Tauren Druid; Zotik, Goblin Rogue; Ysobel, Troll Warrior; Frostbayne, Blood Elf Hunter.


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