Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet Octavien

"I know every rose has its thorn, but if you would just pour some sugar on me, we could rock and roll all night and par-tay every day."

Shake it to the right...

Shake it to the left...

Get down tonight!


So. Now that you've met Octavien, let me give you some background.

Anou was swept off her feet one day by Evade, a Blood Elf Paladin played by a father-son combo in both PvP and PvE. Evade was a hero. In Arathi Basin he bubbled her before tragically dying at her feet, thus saving her from two merciless gnome savages intent on her death. (At the time, I didn't know this was an actual spell (Divine Intervention), so it impressed me to think he bubbled Anou nanoseconds before dying. What a noob, lol.) Aaaaaanyway, moving right along... In the Alliance town of South Shore (whilst it still belonged to the Alliance), Evade heroically killed everything and everyone in his path--keeping my low-level Anou as a bubbled spectator and out of harm's reach. Then, on the second floor of the Inn, after slaughtering his victims in the name of the Horde, he did his dance of victory sans epic chest-piece.

Uh-huh. /drool

Thus, Octavien was born, a little Evade duplicate to take care of my bank Guild, and buy and trade stuff for Anou and her "sisters". There was one catch though. A low-level, grey-quality cloth shoulder piece dropped off a random mob for Frostbayne, and I was dedicated to leveling him to 14 so he could wear them, bare-chested, and do the little victory dance for the spectators in Silvermoon City. He was named Octavien as a French twist to honor the first Roman Emperor, known as Augustus, born Gaius Octavius Thurinus, a.k.a. Octavian. (At the time, I was heavily into a book documenting the History of Rome.)

However, he was fun to play, I had time to kill (whilst hiding from a certain dictatorial raid leader), so Octavien continued to grow and ultimately became a healer for one of the What A Toon/Shattered Skull raid teams. When the scary raid leader left (after much drama and politics), I brought him to Savage Darkness and won him a spot on the Killer-Bees team, which proceeded to vanquish the Lich King in unabashed glory.

Octavien is without a doubt my favorite 'toon to play--I absolutely love to heal and am not without some skill.

"For the hundreth time! Octavien is not a Gayadin!" /angry

Oh! And I'd like to take a moment and offer special thanks to Blizzard for Transmogrification, for the simple fact that my big, strong guy doesn't need to wear a skirt anymore.


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