Friday, April 6, 2012

Officially a "Princesse"

First a small introduction to put you into context. Since sometime back when The Burning Crusade was in its final months, I had been playing WoW for about 4 months myself when I joined the Guild my husband was in, Savage Darkness. Many years have passed and I have remained loyal; Guild Masters (GM) have come and gone, members have left and returned, or not, as it goes in this game. Savage Darkness (SD) is my home away from home, sort of like Cheers, "where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came"...

Fast-forward to present day SD, the Guild is run by Darger, our most fearsome GM ever, equipped with massive shoulders and a full-time scowl. We all lub¹ him for his sense of humor and "layed-back-ness".

Several weeks ago, during one of our "Anything Raid Nights™" (organized weekly by Tenaz), Darger suggested--in jest I believe--that I would be crowned Princesse² in the ever-changing ranks of SD. Of course I accepted, how can a girl refuse the royal treatment?

Well, last night...

Is that AWESOME or what?! Anoukisse is now the Princess of Darkness (La princesse des ténèbres)! Wooohooo! Sinister and thrilling all at once! Thank you so much to our über GM, Darger, for the time it must have taken him to switch the ranks around to free one up for Anou!

¹ Lub: We here at Savage Darkness are simply too savage to use the "L" word (love). So we "lub" stuff.
² Princesse: In this case, the word "princesse" is not a typo. In fact, it's a reference to the fact that I live in Québec and sometimes speak French in guild chat and Ventrilo.

This post was originally posted in Anou's Armoire, but since it had nothing to do with fashion, I moved it over here. However, it makes no sense that it was posted before this blog was created, so I wanted to make a small note of the when and why of things.


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