Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Event#3: Discus!

The results are in over at Blog of the Treant, as Khizzara was one of the judges!

Once again, congratulations are in order! One gold medal and three silver!

Again, my personal favorites: Argent Crusade. Wow. Stormwind's first contestant, and The Exodar.

Argent Crusade, Stormwind, The Exodar Contestants

Khizzara's dialog-type commentary between a tauren and a goblin had me rolling. And being that my loyalties are to the Horde, when she commented on Jaremy's performance I actually LOL'd. The gold and blue shield was clearly the most popular choice and most of the outfits put together for this event were based on those colors. By the end, I bet the judges were sick of seeing it.

And heeeeeeeeere's Jaremy!

Jaremy Thompson

Featured above: Replica Lieutenant Commander's Lamellar Shoulders, Brutal Gladiator's Lamellar Chestpiece, Wound Dressing, Bracers of Gleaming Shards, Wheelman's Shattered Grasp, Belt of the Ordained, Imperial Plate Leggings, Grim Sabatons, Crusader's Shield.

"Khizzara:  Here’s a Human from the League of Arathor.
Kaylira:  Boo!  Booooo!
Khizzara:  What are you doing now?!
Kaylira:  I never win Arathi Basin.  I hate these guys, so I’m booing them.
Khizzara:  I wonder if that will work as well as the mooing?
Kaylira:  326 yards!  Ha!  Take THAT, you Alliance jerks!
Khizzara:  You know, we’re supposed to be impartial, right?"
~Khizzara's Comments, from Blog of the Treant.

Still laughing about that! Anou normally refers to them as Alliance Scum™ but she's a Blood Elf, so, likely more edumacated than a Tauren. /cough

Athlete's Profile

The rules for this event were as follows: "Discus – Build an outfit around one of the shield skins seen here.", and of course, "Your event entry must be able to use the outfit as a proper end-game transmog (so no Gnomes in Shaman gear or Goblin Rogues entering the discus)".

(I just realized I made a crucial mistake: The shoulders he's sporting can only be transmogrified by someone who earned the original PvP Feat of Strength for Legionnaire/Knight-Captain or higher. I probably lost points for that. Oh well.)


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