Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Farmers in The Dell

Let me get this out of the way first: Check out the cool nursery rhyme that inspired the title of this entry!

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, Anou was out in her favorite spot, farming two very, very rare items: Farmer's Broom and Solliden's Trousers. She actually has Brill as her hearth to get there more quickly. Conveniently, there is a vendor across the road from the farmstead to sell all the other garbage that seems to drop in spades. No pun intended.

Anyhow, being the curious types, Darger and Taint came out to see what I was doing, and to compete against me, promising to get the drops before me since their luck is usually better (and something about squealing in vent, which I won't get into here). Meyana also finally joined us, but she just sat in the sun and watched the farmhands at work. Not that I blame her—slaughtering humans is such tedious work.

Taint came prepared. (Featured Below: Russet Hat, Blue Overalls, Pitchfork.)

And Darger sported his now-famous "camel-riding outfit". Anou did the best she could, considering she'd emptied her bags to be able to farm longer, and only had her fishing outfit with her.

Spotlight: Elwynn Lamb

Spotlight: Mr. Wiggles

Ancona Chicken and Sinister Squashling

Despite the constant, and merciless teasing ("Oh, look, a broom, let me vendor it!", "I killed Farmer Solliden three times!", "I'm looting all the Farmhands before you, Anoooou!"), it was a fun and different way to spend a Saturday. Vent helped, naturally.


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