Saturday, August 11, 2012

Four Stages of a Bloom

Our guild often runs the old Temple of Ahn'Qiraj raids, you know, for t-mog gear and rep. One day, Pally had nothing to do so he asked if I needed to run it on Anou. (Pally is so sweet, always remembering other people, and trying to do things to make them happy, especially when he's bored.) Anou can't solo much—she can't cast many spells while running, and her gear is always too.. cloth-y.

During the gauntlet of AQ40, Pally, all excited, said: "Anou! Follow me, quick, watch!" And down we went through the long, winding tunnel, collecting all those insect-creatures, and racing to the boss. When we crossed the threshold, the bugs swarmed around Pally since he had all the aggro, and he AoE'd them to oblivion. Meanwhile, I got a spectacular view...


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