Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Morning Rendez-Vous

Where to begin? Teniah. Considered as my evil twin for being a cat-eating warlock (as opposed to just a warlock), Teniah and I go way, way back. I'm talking Burning Crusade end-content. Originally, we met while raiding with Savage Darkness, and he really stood out for the new guy—he was determined to wand the bosses after dotting them, so as not to pull aggro off the tank which also happened to be the guild's GM. Hahaha. We still laugh about that.

Anyway, last night I was in the AQ area shooting some screen caps of my tier 2.5 set for Anou's fashion blog and was playing around with emotes to get something suitable, when Ten whispered me. After I post this, I'm logging in, with my coffee on my desk beside me, to meet him. ;)


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