Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ideas for End-of-Expansion Guild Party

Hey SD! Anou here (and Darger and possibly Kuiper in the background behind me)...

Seeing as at the end of WotLK we had a somewhat disorganized Naked-End-of-the-World-Dance-Party in Dalaran, and everyone had a lot of fun just joking around because "the end of the world was coming", I figured this time, let's be ready for it.

In the past, core members of SD and a few good friends, joined together in various locations to bring you "thematic in-game parties", so here's my thoughts...

Everyone wears something that has an Asian flavor:
Chest/Legs ideas: Festival Suit, Festival Dress, Festive Black, Teal or Blue Pant Suit, Festive Green, Pink or Purple Dress.
Feet: Some type of flip-flops (Knitted or Cross-Stitched Sandals, Ringo's Blizzard Boots/Apprentice's Boots, or Shimmering Geta).

Everyone pays a visit to the barbershop and gets a hair cut: Black hair, braids, styles with an Asian-feel, braided facial hair, etc.

Add your own personal touch! For example, there's a set of plate shoulders that has an Asian-dragon type of look (Blood-Stained Pauldrons/Glimmering Steel Mantle). Add weapons, lanterns or flowers in your off-hand! Maybe find a staff that looks like a tree branch.

To honor the non-combat pets that will soon loose their "non" status, drag out a lantern or panda! Non-combat pets that fit the bill would be things like Pandaren Monk, Ancona chicken, Westfall Chicken, any variety of serpent, Dragon Kite, Festival Lantern, Lucky Quilen Cub, Lunar Lantern, Magic Lamp, Panda Cub, Tuskarr Kite.

BYOB, fireworks, novelty items, anything goes! There will likely be door prizes! This post will also be on the SD website. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, ideas, etc!

Venez en grand nombre!
Merci, la direction.

Lub, Princesse Anou ;) xxx

Darger Returns "Hola!" ;)

Stroll Through the Bamboo

More photos at Anou's Armoire. And here too!


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