Monday, August 27, 2012

Event#6: Javelin

Loud cheers and applause drown out any other sound as the announcer tries to divulge the winners. The scoop was leaked through an unknown source and a mob of fans surrounds Trollbane Hall to acclaim the Gold Medalist in this noble event...

Results are in! (The commentator finally manages to be heard above the din.)

© The Red Brood Gazette

Featured above:  Darksoul Shoulders, Battleplate of the Molten Giant, Hyperion Vambraces, Bogslayer Gauntlets, Belt of the Fallen Emperor, Chromite Legplates, Cracked Obsidian Stompers, Terokk's Quill.

Here were the details for this event: "Javelin – Build an outfit around the polearm of your choice." "Your event entry must be able to use the outfit as a proper end-game transmog (so no Gnomes in Shaman gear or Goblin Rogues entering the discus)."

Oh my gosh. More applause. The ground is literally vibrating beneath the onslaught of cheering and stomping fans. What's this? Someone actually fainted?!

Congratulations to everyone for such a tight race! And kudos to the winners for pulling off the extra few points to make it to the podium!

Here's some of the commentary for the day's event...
"If it weren’t a tight enough contest at this point, we had a tie for second place at 385 feet! That means, with a whopping 387 feet, the gold medal went to the League of Arathor!!! Congratulations again to today’s winners, and in all honesty all of the competitors.  That was the fiercest and tightest event we’ve seen so far in this year’s Mogolympics.  Each and every entry should be proud for bringing their best to the field today!" ~JD Kenada for The Red Brood Gazette
"Wow! The winner is really good. There’s some attention to detail there, fx the red bracers. Really good mix and match." ~Ironyca for Stood in the Fire Magazine

Athlete's Profile

All in all, I admit I am totally surprised that this noble Night Elf stood on the podium, but boy was I excited! I actually squeaked 'I won!' in real life, in a very high and loud pitch, surprising my husband and children in the process. /sheepish

Thanks so much to the judges, I'm glad this outfit was strong enough to impress you! And again, congratulations to the finalists and to everyone who participated!


tomeoftheancient said...

Now that Mogolympics are over I'm going around trying to track down who was who!

Big congratulations, you do some of the loveliest outfits at Anou's Armoire so I'm not surprised you took home a gold!

Elisa said...

Hehe, yes, that was me. Thanks so much for your lovely comments Tome! :D It was my first official competition and now I'll know better what to expect next time I enter one!

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