Saturday, August 25, 2012

Event#5: Archery!

Here are the results for the fifth event, Archery! Congratulations to the three medalists!
This was my favorite event to do, it's the first I tackled because I was so excited about it. All I have to say is, Blizz! Make some agility skirts for heavens' sake! So many of the entries had skirts on, and all the winners had skirts too! It looks fantastic!

Give a warm hand of applause for Fenn Nightvine! (Wolf-whistles can be heard in the background as she takes the stage... However, the renowned archer seems nonplussed by the cries of adoring fans.)

Fenn Nightvine

Featured above: Bloodthirsty Dragonscale Shoulders, Lambent Scale Breastplate, Protector Gauntlets, Brightscale Girdle, Rippling Flesh Kilt, Stone Cairne Boots, Wyrmstalker's Bow.

This archery garb truly does not look as good on a Blood Elf, unfortunately, and I think it's because they can't have green hair. Funny how the simple color or style of hair can totally change the look of an outfit! It's disappointing actually, because I would have loved this for my huntard.

Criteria for this event: "Archery – Build an outfit around your favourite bow." And, as always, "Your event entry must be able to use the outfit as a proper end-game transmog (so no Gnomes in Shaman gear or Goblin Rogues entering the discus)".

I was going for something simple, yet delicate, woodsy and elven. This set says feminine yet stable and focused: Fenn is one with nature, blending into the forest but staying true to herself. It's my favorite entry! I think I've said that before, huh?

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