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New Blog

Are any of you Rift gamers?

If so, you might like to come over and say hi, as I migrated toward Rift last year and have finally started a blog about my characters' adventures in Telara. It is a combination of what I posted about on Anou's Armoire and Diary of a Gnome Spy, all rolled into one. :D

Hope to see you soon at The Daily Gwed!
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 0 comments


Good morning to all from Southern England!

Somewhere around the middle of 2014 I stopped playing WoW because I had a new project on my plate: moving to the U.K. from Canada. By the end of 2015, our hard work paid off, and we set foot in this country the 30th of December, me for the first time. Since then, I have dreamed of playing WoW again, but my time just doesn't allow it (for now).

We are always out and about, discovering local sights and travelling further west. In the short time we've been here we've been to Scotland, France and Italy. Our upcoming trips include Wales and another stay in Italy where we will see the Pope giving his Christmas Eve mass at the Vatican...

Anyhow, I haven't forgotten my WoW-blogging friends, or my beloved 'toons and t'mogs. Rest assured I *will* be back in-game one day!!
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After the Cataclysm wreaked its havoc across the lands, the green patch that sprouted in the middle of Desolace has made the zone better. Anou likes to go there now again, her horse's hooves clopping loudly on the cracked, parched earth until she reaches Cenarion Wildlands, where the air carries with it a freshness borne of lush greenery and the promise of shade.

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Lyv's Place of Worship

In honor of a random throwback Thursday...

Anou and Darger cleared up the chapel for Lyv's sermon. They waited, and waited... Guess you can't trust Undead to arrive on time. While Anou waits impatiently on the stoop of the chapel, Darg tries his hand at a eulogy in honor of the humans they have killed this day (while cleaning the chapel for Lyv's arrival).

Waiting for Lyv.

Tidy workspace, minus corpses.

Darger's eulogy.

Little Summer stands guard over the sacrificed.

Why on Azeroth is there a sink on the altar?

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Noodle Carts

Though it took her some time, Anou earned her Noodle Cart recipes (before WoD, I assure you) and was glad to whip up a batch of grub for the boys.

Maybe this first batch isn't up to par...

Anyone else? No? No one's hungry?

Thursday, December 4, 2014 2 comments

The Mines of Moria

One day, while Anou was out on a mission, her adventuresome spirit and avid curiosity lead her to this cave. As she descended into its darkness, the bright light of her staff lighting each footstep, she felt like she was on the set of Lord of the Rings, discovering the Mines of Moria.

This is currently my desktop wallpaper. ;)

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WoD Scenery

This expansion has been my favorite so far since my beginnings during the Burning Crusade! The landscapes are by far the most beautiful I've seen! I like how smoothly the story and questing unfolds, bringing me logically from one place to the next. Having decided to level Anou first, I don't feel the usual pressure of a level grind (because DPS are a dime a dozen for end content), so I randomly go off exploring, I click on anything that can be clicked, hunt all the silver portraits that appear on my mini map. I really like the Bonus Objectives, giving me a break from the norm if and when I so choose. At first the Garrison bothered me, because they plunked it down right at the beginning when I wasn't remotely bored yet, and I felt there was too much to do there, preventing me from moving forward. But now, it's there, I can return whenever I want (smart move to add a Garrison hearthstone), but I'm not obliged to do anything there anymore. It is nice to have somewhere where I get rested XP, yet can fish, cook, mosey around, and be alone. Good work, Blizz! <3

Here are some breath-taking vistas from the new zones...

Just outside my Garrison