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Usually, I hate pugs. But this one had me glowing! /grin

Tank asked me "Can you keep up heals?" after first boss, which I took negatively, because you know, pugs. And everyone had run away before the boss dropped loot, so I looted (because I can't help it). But really, as I've said before, can't judge tone through type. He was actually asking if I could keep up. He was just chain pulling massive groups of mobs in Temple of the Jade Serpent.

Right before the Lorewalker Stonestep encounter, LoS issues as he ran around corners and down stairs, and I don't know how many mobs, seemed like at least a dozen, I was actually amazed that no one died! He said "Epic Heals". Wow, yay!

Afterwards, in the courtyard, before the Liu Flameheart encounter, he pulled everything, but only poor Viag died. (This was due to too many purple puddles with melee standing in the middle of, and Viag's daughter playing with his phone irl.)

That's when I got this:

"Pro", did you see that? Haha, WOOT!

Octavien did his little, internal dance of joy.

Then, right at the end before the group disbanded, I screen capped this one too for posterity.

Because, you know, Octavien needs a bit of moral-boosting, considering he's always under our raid's epic healers.