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On Being a Warlock

Being a Warlock in this expansion is like... being a kid in a candy store. Anou is spec'd Demonology and I just want to play her all the time. She's fun, she's mobile, she's got lots of gadgets and tricks (putting engineers to shame, imo), she's powerful in so many ways, a real treat!

Need I say more? Really?

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Because I Can

Punch! 23 White Damage! Take THAT!

Chop! 24 White Damage! You're Going DOWN!

These guys gave me so much trouble back in the day. Every time I pass there, I think of some new way to kill them. This time, sans staff, I punched them to death.
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Paper and Snow

During the Winter Veil activities of 2011, yes, a whole year ago, Anou had herself a bit of fun... Someone shook a Handful of Snowflakes over her, and when I realized this, I quickly swapped her into her holiday "finery" (more like skimp-ery), whistled for Little Fawn, and snapped a shot.

Father Winter's Favorite Helper >:)

In case you're wondering, Anou is wearing the Red Winter Clothes and Recruit's Boots.

During that same holiday season, Taint, Ten and I were wasting time together in Orgrimmar, throwing and being chased by dozens of Paper Zeppelins.

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Wanderer's Festival on the Beach

Kuiper is on a mission: To complete all the achievements, great and small of Pandaria. One night after raid, he mentioned this one in Vent, and low and behold about ten of us went out to meet him on the beach and add to the festivities.

Of course, out came the Turnip (to everyone's delight), and we sang and danced and were merry until the achievement popped up on our screens.
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Spring Blossom

After the magic bean sprout, comes the magic Spring Blossom.

Anou planted hers beside her Summer Blossom tree and sat for a quiet moment of contemplation, watching the goings-on down the road at the Halfhill Market, before.. you know... going back out to kill stuff.
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Shimmering Coast

All that glitters is not gold. I don't remember when or where I took this picture, but... Wow. Way to go with the graphics, Blizz!

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Senium Venustas

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Mox and Zotik

Awww... They're green little swindlers of the worst variety. But aren't they just darling in their party-going finery?

Mox + Zotik = <3

These are 'toons I pushed my husband to create when Goblins first joined the ranks of the Horde. Poor guy, I keep making him start 'toons I don't plan on bringing very far. Zotik is pretty much the only one he managed to get me to level past 25. (Ysobel and Kimpo are still sitting on my very own personal Shelf of Decay.)
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Luxuries of Azeroth

Many moons ago, Anou stumbled upon a most luxurious resort filled with gloriously muscled Centaur [of the hostile variety]. After checking into her room [fighting her way through several horse-men and killing their leader], she peeled off her [blood-soaked] gear and took a [well-earned] soak in the "hot tub", looking out through the tropical plants to the calm oasis below.

Not so long ago, but still quite a long time ago, Tenaz and Anou had made reservations at the highly exclusive Gallywix Pleasure Palace, and were wandering around together discovering its all-inclusive features. Much to their mutual delight, they found a sauna and steam-room.

"Ten, pass the Evian.."

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First Guild Transmog Party!

Kuiper had organized a First-Ever-Guild-Transmog party complete with cash prizes, a few months after the launch of Cataclysm, to see what people had been putting together since we'd all first heard of the upcoming transmogrification feature.

Party Goodies

Contestants Line Up

To avoid disruptions from casual passersby--you know, the kind that mount their mammoths then stand over you while you try to get things done?--Kuip chose a remote floating island in Nagrand large enough to hold us all, and summoned us at party time with the now-extinct guild perk, mass summon.
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To All the Squirrels Who Shared My Life...

Puppy Love.. or.. err..

After sampling a bottle of Autumnal Acorn Ale, Anou fell in love with this sweet little critter who followed her around for awhile with a heart over his head. Clearly he dug her too! (hee hee)

She was so disappointed when he vanished that she went out and bought a whole stack of the ale and drank until her infatuated friend returned. She wasn't as fond of the more boisterous ones that threw acorns at her though. /angryface

Please note the name of this squirrel: Woodland Squirrel. Not Nuts.

Boys, keep your minds *pure*! :P Geeze!
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Gara'jal The Spiritbinder

Mogu'shan Vaults, 10MN, guild run of Thursday Jan. 10th.
We finally did it, boys, after many attempts, but not quite so many, Gara'jal is dead.

Make No Bones About It


Well of Eternity

When the new trio of dungeons came out, including Well of Eternity, I was simply beside myself with joy. My favorite parts of this game all happen to be the instances within Caverns of Time, where we experience flashbacks of the history of Azeroth.

My first experience was Old Hillsbrad, when they showed Hillsbrad as it was before the scourge. (I love it even more now because they've turned my beloved Hillsbrad into some modern purple concoction, and took away the real South Shore where PvP battles of epic proportions would occur on a regular basis.) Then Culling of Stratholme because we were all turned into some form of human to battle the scourge. And now, the Well of Eternity...

That one particularly touched me because I'd recently finished reading two omnibuses, the equivalent of six books from the shelves of Warcraft, in which the story of Azshara's downfall occurred. I was going to see it firsthand...

Aerial View of the Palace

View of the Well From the Bridge

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Temple of the Red Crane

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Mogu'shan Vaults 10MN

Just before the holidays, Savage Darkness got its first kill of The Stone Guard. WTG SD!

Then, last night (our first night raiding since the holidays), we downed them again (one-shot, woot!) and then we savagely slayed Feng the Accursed after several tries—once we all stacked it was a smooth ride, what with Darg and Korgak successfully trading off Nullification Barrier and Shroud of Reversal.

After a few blind tries on Gara'jal the Spiritbinder, we got the hang of the spirit totem and managed to get the boss down to 27%.

We're going to extend the raid I.D. (WOOHOOO! FINALLY!) and plan to get him down on Thursday.

Good Luck SD! :D
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Thank You Savage Darkness

Christmas Eve morning, 2012, I log on to Anou to get my dailies done quickly before finishing up preparations for Christmas.

Darger pops onto remote chat, sees I'm online, logs onto the game--this is crack-of-dawn-time for someone who lives in California--and tells me he has something for me.

"Follow," he says. We group together. "Hop on." (Darger is a man of few words.) I climb onto his back (Sandstone Drake) and he takes me to Kun-Lai summit, to the used yaks lot, and proceeds to trade me 108,000 gold.

I am speechless. I am without speech. Sanity kicks in and I cancel trade and tell him he's out of his mind. "It's a present from me and the guild," he explains to me. "Take it Anou, I don't have much time, and I want to see you buy it."

Like a slow-motion animation, I accept that insane amount of gold, walk to Uncle Bigpocket, purchase the Grand Expedition Yak... But I can't click it. Once I click it, it's for real and for true. Again I question Darger's lucidity. With my eyes closed, I learned the reins of that shaggy-haired ox, missed the achievement, then finally opened my eyes. Everyone in guild was congratulating me (although I suspect no one was aware beforehand that the GM and some officers had made the decision to get me that sought-after mount). I was excited but at the same time I felt terribly selfish and spoiled!

"Mount up," he suggested. And I did, giddy as a kid at Christmas.

Thank you SD! Thanks Darg and Kuip! Whether they knew it or not, many have said I deserved it, and that is the most touching of all. I am very fortunate to have such generous guild mates!

Since then, during downtime, Anou can be found leisurely wandering the roads of Pandaria with her minions and companions, at a slow walk, just enjoying the clement weather...

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Demonology 101

Her arrival at the quiet little town of Dawn's Blossom instantly made her the main attraction. Mind you, anyone arriving with a giant purple demon is bound to hit the radar.
With Azlikad clearing the way ahead, menacing swords drawn, a small grouping of children fell into step behind her.
"You dress funny."
"Why are you so thin?"
"Are you a hoo-man?"
The incessant chatter was making her head ache.
"You have floppy ears!"
"Why are your ears flopping?"
Clearly, the parents of these Curious Cubs had lost their senses because there was no one to prevent Anou from kneeling down and pulling them close to give the children a little lesson in demonology...

"Have you never seen a demon, children? Azlikad here," with her thumb she pointed back and poked the brute towering behind her, "is a demon. One of the evilest, foulest creatures ever to walk the face of Azeroth. He is mine to control, to do with as I please." Some of the cubs merely stared, others whimpered, but all looked up at the violet-skinned monster, with his rippling muscles and glowing weapons. Anoukisse tilted her head, lifting those sinister green eyes to the children, to peer at them through the slits in her helm. "See these horns? They're real, go ahead, touch them, see for yourselves..."
With eyes round as saucers, the children inched closer to touch the horns on the pretty blood elf's helm. They were amazed that she was so powerful that she could control the mighty demon standing sentinel behind her...
'The demon these belonged to wasn't as lucky as Azli is, though,' she said to them ominously. 'He displeased me. So I tore the horns right from his head with my bare hands!' she continued. 'Glowing green felblood splattered everywhere! As I sent him back to the twisting nether with a wave of my hands, his screams could be heard from the other side of the Dark Portal...' A collective gasp came from her audience at that moment, and then, as one, they ran off to find their parents.
Anou rose, smacked her hands together and grinned her most devilish grin. 'That takes care of that,' she told no one in particular. 'Azli! Come! I have business to attend to.' And she walked away, hips swaying delicately, her demon silent and close at her heels, a wary look in his eyes.
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Dark Dreams