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Savage Darkness VS Jin'rokh the Breaker

Throne of Thunder, 10M-N.

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A Backlog of Boss Kills

After clearing Vizier in Heart of Fear, our progression team went on to kill the rest of the bosses and their manipulative Empress.


Blade Lord Ta'yak

Wind Lord Mel'jarak

Regretfully, I either a) forgot to mount the Grand Empress' head on a pike or b) I accidentally deleted the screenshot. Those who know me will likely pick option b. Oh well.

[Edit: I found the photo. I knew I'd taken one.]

Grand Empress Shek'zeer

Bugs squashed, check! Suivant, next!

Terrace of Endless Spring was an easy deal, considering the patch had hit.

Below, Tsulong rears his evil head after we killed the Protectors of the Endless, and as you know, he flies off and Lei Shi runs away giggling, so, naturally there are no kill shots. However, the mighty Sha of Fear fell at our feet as seen in the last screen cap.

Hurray SD! :D

Leaving Badlands

I wasn't sure if I'd posted this shot or not. It's just so pretty, and I couldn't find it anywhere else within this blog, so here it is. (Please let me know if I *have* already shared it, so I don't have duplicate content... Hate that.)