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After the Cataclysm wreaked its havoc across the lands, the green patch that sprouted in the middle of Desolace has made the zone better. Anou likes to go there now again, her horse's hooves clopping loudly on the cracked, parched earth until she reaches Cenarion Wildlands, where the air carries with it a freshness borne of lush greenery and the promise of shade.

Thursday, January 8, 2015 0 comments

Lyv's Place of Worship

In honor of a random throwback Thursday...

Anou and Darger cleared up the chapel for Lyv's sermon. They waited, and waited... Guess you can't trust Undead to arrive on time. While Anou waits impatiently on the stoop of the chapel, Darg tries his hand at a eulogy in honor of the humans they have killed this day (while cleaning the chapel for Lyv's arrival).

Waiting for Lyv.

Tidy workspace, minus corpses.

Darger's eulogy.

Little Summer stands guard over the sacrificed.

Why on Azeroth is there a sink on the altar?