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Guild Bank Turned Closet

Continuing with my storage (or lack thereof) post, here is a vague idea of what my Guild Bank is storing for me at any given time. There is a lot of fluctuation, so this is never current, but you get the idea.

In all honesty, it's mostly for Anou. She's such a hoarder! Not to mention quite the fashionista! She is certain to remain single forever, as she is unwilling to share closet space, and all the closets are belong to her¹!

The Lady's Maid Waves Hello

¹ Reference. ;)
Saturday, April 27, 2013 6 comments

Isle of Dailies

Scintillating Pergola

You look this way, I'll look that way. Hiss if you see something.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Here are some random screenshots Anoukisse took while journeying far and wide, across the newly opened daily quest hub on the Isle of Thunder. Yes, you read that correctly. More dailies. /wrists

Though she can't remember how she got there exactly, in that last screenshot, Anou had gone through a portal of some kind and found the Shado-Pan holding the door and preparing for whatever may come through. Needless to say, she wasn't curious enough to stick around long enough to find out.

Oh! And I like how Blizzard (finally) thought of offering a disguise to my pets and minions to keep us all safe! The purple blob is my Voidlord (what a coincidence), and the Saurok standing on two legs is my non-combat White Kitten, Delilah. Ironically, Delilah liked being the one standing for once—she felt more powerful. While in Saurok form, we were able to communicate beyond hiss and purr. Kiltrax sounded more like sludge though.

Friday, April 26, 2013 2 comments

Booty Bay—Pre Cataclysm

This was the aerial view coming in to Booty Bay from the flight path, because at the time Azeroth was a no-fly zone, before Deathwing reshaped the continents.
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 0 comments

Old Orgrimmar

Here are some screen caps I dug up from my folders... I present you with Octavien's view of Orgrimmar before the Cataclysm...

Main Entrance from Durotar
Ye Ole Zeplin Tower
Just inside the Main Gate
Back near the Stable Master

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The Sha-Touched Sky

In The Dread Wastes

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Beware: Silverleaf Crossing

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The Pen is 'Mightier' Than the Sword

Well, that is what she said, but this is what he said...

~ Mighty, on getting his alt invited to the guild.

Just to give you a better understanding, he said 'ms' referring to me, the player. Then he figured since I was on my male 'toon (whom I roleplay as being very manly and virile, etc, so poor Octavien is always being mocked by everyone in guild because of this), he humored my usual roleplaying style...

I was AFK though, so when I came back to my desk, I could not stop laughing, and had to screenshot it for posterity. This came out of the screenshot folder today when I was sorting my hundreds of photos to make a bit of space... ;)

Thank you Mighty, for being the playful, intellectual type—it's refreshing and fun. Definitely appreciated! :)
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Look-Alikes: Scarlet Sin'Dorei Robes

Really? I mean... Really?!

Anou could not remember, ever in her travels, having seen this particular robe transmogged. Low and behold, the day after she completed her newest transmog...

/le sigh

Lucky girl was able to farm enough mats to make that impossible-to-make Girdle of Ruination. Anou is working on it. Slowly. Verrrrry slowly.
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Daughters of the Horde


This quest is part of the series of quest chains from Dominance Offensive in Krasarang Wilds.
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WoW: Disney Edition

Bambi, Flower and Thumper (Grizzly Hills)

Nemo (Wandering Isle)

Dory (Wandering Isle)

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Homage to Thrall

This post was a long time in coming. Sorry about that, so many screenshots, so little time, as you know.

Before Deathwing came and sundered the world, we could bring our problems and complaints directly to Thrall who resided in Grommash Hold, in the Valley of Wisdom. When news of the great black dragon's pending resurgence came to our ears, (most of) the core of Savage Darkness went to pay homage to the Warchief.

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The Barrens

As the sun sets over Kalimdor...

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The Tallest Tower

Leonardo would be proud...
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Frost and Peaks

My bank alt has been parked temporarily yet indefinitely in Storm Peaks to keep a watch on the weather. Anou really wants her Arctic Fox Kit, so she has bid Frost get it for her, since she herself is very... busy... doing... err... stuff. Anyway. Bank alts do not get to question mains.

While Frost was out doing what was commanded of her, I 'aaawwww'ed' when I noticed this:

Naturally, it needed to be screenshot and Photoshopped and posted here.

Ok, and this is kind of random, but when I wrote "Naturally",  I couldn't help think about the video below. And you know, I never get tired of watching this sketch. It's really, really funny. A WoW parody/remake of Elvis and Costello's Who's on First. These guys do the voice-overs perfectly. Love it!

Thursday, April 4, 2013 4 comments

Leap of Faith My @$$

Where, oh where do I even begin?

Sneaky Goblin. What a little trouble-maker. While we were raiding Heart of Fear one night, we stopped for a few minutes to get snacks and whatnot. I came back to my desk rather quickly, and saw our resident Priest being a prankster. Again.

He didn't know I was back, so I watched as he continued with his sinister plans...

Notice in the first image, Octavien is at the top of the stairs. When I went AFK, Octavien was actually on the platform where the stunning-spears are for Wind Lord. Notice also Berdine's comment—I can practically see the maniacal glint in her (his) beady Goblin eyes.

In the second picture, he is placing himself as far as possible down the stairs, but still in reach of my pally to move Octavien as far as possible from the group. I could even hear him in vent, snickering at his own naughtiness.

By the third photo, since Leap of Faith has a one minute cooldown, everyone was back at their desks. The little trickster high-tailed it back up those stairs, leaving Octavien to wonder...

I has no more Faith Berber! /angryeyes

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 2 comments

Is That a Goat in Your Sidecar?

Berdine, Darger and Octavien had grouped together to get their Isle of Thunder Dailies done. After getting all the statue's pieces and placing them on his feet under the Mogu Temple, Octavien had stopped to read what it had all been for. When he exited the broken-down tunnel that served as an entryway into that darkness, he found Berdine and Darger waiting for him...

Apparently, Berdine loves her (his) goat *that* much.

It stayed that way until Berdine dismounted, and had me giggling about it in Vent the whole time. I don't know how many screenshots I took, it looked so absurd, but I narrowed them down to these three.