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I don't remember where I took this one, but it'll come to me, don't worry. In the meantime, just look how pretty it is.

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Recent Roster Patterns

Warlocks and Priests

Priests, Hunters, and me.

A quick explanation of the "Roster" category: You know how sometimes, though you have a heavily populated guild, you log on and find an amusing pattern of class colors or something? Maybe you don't. I do. Call it OCD, idc. :P It's another of those quirky things that amuse me in this game.
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Vilífy, the Relic Hunter

Here we have a lovely Blood Elf warlock, Vilífy, the Relic Hunter, of Arathor. Poor thing was just standing around Shrine, minding her own business, and there I was, screen-shotting her like a mad-woman.

As usual, I didn't take down the item list. For anyone who knows them and cares to comment, please feel free! :D I know the hat is the Crimson Felt Hat, the gloves are the spidery ones from Cataclysm, and the belt... I have that belt. I forget the name of it. Of well.

I like how the hat 'goes' with her title. And I love how the green knob of her staff matches the stupid enchant color, making the piece work just the same. Good job Vilífy!
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Anou's Ranch

After buying the ranch from Farmer Yoon, and aiding him in accomplishing his life-long dream, Anou settled right in and made herself at home. Here she is, snuggling into the clean sheets on her first night "home".

The next morning, she woke up and sat outside in the early morning sun, a very light summer breeze caressing her cheeks as she sipped some fresh Pearl Milk Tea. The boards of Anou's front porch were warm against her bare toes, and the little birds sang as they perched on the gnarled stems of Mogu Pumpkins.

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Saurok Amenities

Those Saurok sure like their creature comforts! Who would have thought, considering all the cockroaches and fetid piles of stuff all over the place...

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Scatora, the Hunter

I absolutely love this look on a Tauren hunter, good job Scatora of Arathor! I didn't take the time to look at what the gear actually was, so I couldn't tell you what it is, but it looks good! Obviously the tabard belongs to the Sunreaver Faction.

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Fishing Hole

On one of those days, you know, the kind that you don't really feel like doing anything else but explore the beautiful vistas and previously undiscovered nooks and crannies of the game, Anou was out above Krasarang Wilds. This zone has become my favorite zone because of the ambiance and whatnot, plus my favorite Mists of Pandaria character's quest chain starts here.

So, on one of those very days, as Anou went about her exploration, she saw this lovely abandoned rowboat, sitting out in the middle of a clear, still lagoon. A dark cave was nearby, so the lantern on the boat was a welcome sight, warding off the dusk and emitting a light heat, just enough to ease the dampness.

What a wonderful place to take some fishing screenshots, I thought to myself. Against her better judgment, Anou changed into her fishing gear, although she opted for her long, black rubber boots instead of my suggested flip-flops. Without too much fuss, my beautiful warlock turned this way and that, struck some poses, and faked some live-action at my behest.

Get ready to cast your line...

Squee at the lovely crane, please.

Then, all of a sudden...

Didn't see that one coming. My bad.

Normally, she would have been able to solo this guy, only, you know, her ilvl whilst in fishing gear is about 138. Oops.
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Told You He's "Da Man"!


Not all LFR's are bad and filled with blame-pointing jerks. Well, actually, that one was terrible. But not for Oct. ;) But... wtf are "clutch heals"? 0.0
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That's Not a Chicken!

"Hillpaw's going to be very disappointed in me..."


Where. Are. My. CHICKENS!

These two photos are completely different days, as you can tell from where the only real chicken in both pics is perched.

Incidentally, though these two posts (see yesterday's entry) follow each other, they are actually random shots taken over the last several months that I stumbled upon while sorting my screen caps! ;)
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All Around the Mullberry Bush

Octavien chases the bear cub Gilded Moth...

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A Date with Wrathion

During the legendary saga of Wrathion, Octavien must meet with Wrathion at Tavern in the Mists to discuss certain matters. Anduin Wrynn is there with him.

Here's something I noticed right off the bat: I love how Anduin is sitting. Wish my toons would/could sit like this sometimes...

A little later in the quest chain, when Octavien returned to Wrathion with the Secrets of the Empire, he almost interrupted Wrathion and Anduin's board game. As he stood there, waiting to be acknowledged, he heard a bit of their conversation:
Wrathion says: ...Why did you play that piece just now? 
Anduin Wrynn says: It's a Pandaren board game. The object is for both players to win. 
Wrathion says: That's ridiculous! Why would you even play!?

I actually lol'ed. ;)