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Dagrin <the Cheater>

Anoukisse makes a face at this title. At this entire post, in fact. She doesn't like airing her dirty laundry for all to see. As the narrator, what I believe happened, which Anou won't admit, is that Dagrin found himself a new warlock to serve when she decided to learn Grimoire of Supremacy and essentially replaced him with Fiztok.

Pallyblood found him on the realm of Muradin and took a hasty picture to send Anou as evidence.

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Roster: Lock Down

Ha ha. See what I did there? 'Lock Down'?

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Kalve of Arathor

I found this transmog so well suited to a Troll Druid, that I had to stop and capture it. I would probably have changed the boots myself, but maybe it's in the works for Kalve. She is patient after all. ;) Good job on the 'mog!
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Taint's Eerie Mechano-Hog

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Hellscream's Haunchos

Intimidation at the bank in Orgrimmar.

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Savage Darkness Completes Throne of Thunder

Someone's been too busy with finding something to transmog that Cricket Cage into. /guilty

So, Savage Darkness has completed the normal ten-man version of Throne of Thunder quite some time ago, and here (finally!) is the evidence to prove it!

Tortos (Sept. 24, 2013)

Megaera (Sept. 24, 2013)

Ji-Kun - oops!

Durumu the Forgotten - oops!

Primordius - oops!

Dark Animus (Oct. 1, 2013)

Iron Qon - oops!

Twin Consorts (Oct 10, 2013)

Lei Shen (Oct. 10, 2013)

Ra-den- geeze BIG OOPS!

Anyway... Here's a link to our Guild Run Achievement. Throne of Thunder, Guild Run, Ten-Man Normal completed as of October 10th, 2013.

Way to go TEAM! Despite all the MIA's lately, we still managed to clear ToT, and in a reasonable time frame! Awesome work! Keep it up!
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Darkmaster Arli

Sometimes I get teary-eyed when I see a sinister looking 'toon like this with such an evil title. It makes me hopeful that there are some really smart people in this game, who know how to create drama. As I ran by Arli—an eviler looking priest could not be found, I am sure—the first thought that came into my mind was of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

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All Hail Waffle!

That is one huge beaver! /cough

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What Is She Wearing?

That is a really cool helm, I thought to myself. Until, upon closer inspection, I realized it wasn't...

Horns of the Fel Imp

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Auroracleric and Demigoddess, of Arathor

These are probably not the same person. I just happened to see them both on the same night, and their transmogs inspired me to capture and post for you...

Auroracleric is a character who can often be found standing exactly at that spot in the Shrine, looking all golden and shiny, like an angel statue you would find in a church.

Feel free to leave a comment if you know what pieces/sets these are. I know Demigoddess' is a set, but it's interesting to see the weapon she chose.
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Passion for Fashion

So, this was funny. I obviously have a Facebook account, and happened to see one of my "friends" post that they were playing a game called Fashland. It sounded promising. Like.. Paper Dolls, only with pixels! Anyway, so I went and gave it a try and now I'm hooked.

I realize this is not WoW-related, but I felt that it still needed to be posted here.


Incidentally, if you also play, message me and I will connect you to my FB! ;)
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Octavien Confesses...

One night, during raid, I believe it was Berdine (or possibly Ava) making people confess things. It was creepy to see how accurate the things Octavien was confessing, considering the person who plays him. /sheepish

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Consiparcy Theorist

One night, a few of us guildies went into a SoO LFR together. Berd was tanking on his baby tank, and we were in vent leading the group (even though the rest of the group didn't know this). At one point, this guy starts giving out orders, wanting Lead, etc, and really, half of what he said made no sense. Naturally, we ignored him.

However, I had to save this one bit of the conversation for posterity. Because, really, it needed to be saved.

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Tiaei Jenkins, Arathor US

Of course I would find this uniquely dressed character at the transmogrifier! I particularly like the simplicity of this outfit—she didn't go all-out epic or anything. And she pulled together various pieces in a red/brown/purple palette that all match extremely well. It was pretty cool to see her levitating too, I'll admit! ;)
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The Best Passenger Ever!

Anou is not one of those passive passengers (ahem! like my IRL hubby (Hapis), who falls asleep 3 seconds after I take the wheel). She's a co-pilot! Here she is, map open despite the forceful wind beating at her face in the sidecar, checking their progress and making sure they don't get lost...
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Calipso and Zeezu

Calipso, Hunter Mail T-mog

I have not gone through the items list to find what Calipso's sporting, other than knowing the helm is from the Blizz Store. Please feel free to leave a comment if you happen to know the items! :) I like the combination blue and silver, I like the shine and sparkle, and I find the overall look pretty fresh as far as hunters go.

Zeezu, Druid Leather T-mog

Unfortunately, being in a LFR, I didn't have time to look at Zeezu's realm. However, troll, druid, guildless... My sleuth skills bring me to believe this is her. Anyway, I absolutely love the bared skin and lethal-looking helm, the pointy spear—so very trollish! Also, kudos to a well-chosen name! It sounds like something exotic that would come from Durotar or the Echo Isles for sure!

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The Ore Thief and the Hound

I'm probably having too much fun with this trinket...
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Sha of Suspension

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered.

I said: We Conquered.


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Anoukisse, and the Quest for Fel Flames


Whilst rummaging through some paperwork for her Guild, Anoukisse saw a dusty old book with Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion etched across the top. Curious, she reached for the volume.

"It's yours," said a gruff voice.

Startled, Anou looked up at Darger, the Guild Master. He and the hunter, Tenaz, had found the book and brought it back, realizing there was more to it. But being a warrior, he quickly understood he couldn't use it and thought of her instead.

Anou's warlock senses™ tingled with anticipation as she turned to the first page: "Combine with a Healthstone to bind the book to yourself." Without hesitating, Anou summoned a Soulwell—it was more dramatic—and selected a glowing green orb from within, fusing it with the Tome. But when she looked down, she was quite disappointed to see just another book. Yet it wasn't just another book, for when she picked it up, whispers of horrifying mysteries tantalized her ears...

Darger looked at her expectantly. All the pages were covered in some sort of Demonic script, yet even with her proficiency for languages, and all her studies, she was unable to decipher any of it. It was time to face her demons.

Part 1: The Interrogation

Any time she dismissed her demons, they returned to the twisting nether until they were summoned once more. To show her good will, she thought it best to go meet them on their turf, just this once.

Of all her demons, Anoukisse was certain the Shivarra would know the most. So off they went to the Temple, where Darger suggested Delersia would most likely be lording it over the sniveling concubines.

"What do YOU want, you miserable excuse for a Blood Elf?"
"What can you tell me about this tome?"
"I won't help your kind read an ancient Nathrezim text. Now, release me!"

With one glance, Delersia simply turned and left the pathetic Blood Elf to her begging.

Anou stood and muttered angrily to herself. "Just wait 'til I summon her back." She turned to Darger who had come along just in case. He was looking at her with amusement, but Anou just harrumphed at him and shook the dust from her skirts.

Through the Temple they went, until she spied her Succubus, Helvina, laying over a day bed covered in luxurious throw pillows. The Guild Master was getting quite an eyeful of all the concubines, and they seemed to be licking their lips in his wake. Anoukisse rolled her eyes.

"Hello Mistress... What kind of service may I provide today?"
Anoukisse heard Darger choke. Choosing to ignore him, she continued. "Helvina, what can you tell me about this tome?"
"What? You just want me to look at some dirty old tome? Ugh, how disappointing. This is the script of the Nathrezim, what you call dreadlords. They rarely use it outside of their home."
She was about to ask another question, when all hell broke loose behind her. Anoukisse turned, the Succubus rushing forward with her whip brandished high, and stared in disbelief at the scene taking place...

Shutting her eyes tightly, Anoukisse rubbed her temples to ease the onset of a migraine, while what appeared to be the entire harem had launched itself at Darger, the Sisters trying to disentangle the mass of outstretched limbs. It was time to head out.

Azlikad would surely be at one the Forge Base camps, no doubt honing his skill with the massive blades he carried and testing his prowess against others of his own kind. After a bit of searching, she finally found him and confronted him with her fiercest disposition (she knew this particular demon had a soft spot for her, so he would talk no matter what).

The demon eyed her warily, "...what do you want?"
"What can you tell me about this tome?"
"Hmm... I recall seeing such a script on the Nathrezim homeworld. I cannot read it and I doubt any of your kind could either."
Anou held his gaze until the wrathguard shifted uncomfortably. Realizing he truly didn't know anything more, she turned on her heal and left him standing there awkwardly.

There were still quite a few minions to find if she was going to get the answers she needed.

Fiztok, they stumbled upon in Netherstorm, chasing after a Shivarra. He was hard to pin down, so Darger took care of the lady while Anou held the little demon's short attention span long enough to ask some questions.

"...yeah? Sup, boss?"
"What can you tell me about this tome, Fiztok?"
Fidgeting as always, and looking over his shoulder half the time, Fiztok responded, "Hmm... I have no idea."
Anou was not impressed, but she supposed she couldn't be surprised.

In Hellfire, the exact same thing occurred with Dagrin, who could barely stop bouncing around long enough for his mistress to speak. Anou had to kneel down and look him in the eyes, actually shortening her sentences as much as possible.

The day seemed to be dragging on, and all this traveling was taking its toll on her now fraying nerves. She had yet to find 'The Void'—I mean, where the heck is 'The Void'??—and she highly doubted her Felhunter, Shaffenn, would be of any great help, considering she'd never heard him speak.

(As expected, Shaffenn looked at her blankly as she held the book out to him. Then he tilted his head and stared at her strangely. She didn't even bother asking.)

Flying back towards Netherstorm to speak to her Observer, Darger and Anou spotted a secluded cluster of Voids at the edge of a precipice. They landed, to have a better look, and low and behold, found both Thoglos and Kiltrax, whom Anou took aside and interrogated.

The Voidlord looked at Anou with as little expression as usual.
"You wish to speak with me...? Unusual..."
"Yes. What can you tell me about this tome, Kiltrax?"
"I cannot read the words... but the magic points to a world that exists no longer. It was destroyed by the Legion."
The warlock made a moue with her lovely heart-shaped lips. Before she could lose sight of him among the other Voids, Anoukisse flagged down Thoglos.
"Dismiss me... I wish to return to the void."
(Aaah. So this is 'The Void'.)
"What can you tell me about this tome?"
"Words are not the way of the void. I do not know... it appears to connect two... stars together..."
The Blood Elf looked toward Darger leaning casually on his axe. She shook her head.

Shortly thereafter, discouraged, the two traveling companions landed in a remote area of Netherstorm, where strange looking creatures resided beneath the lightning-spattered sky. Here she found Bragrogg, speaking gibberish with other Observers. She waited politely for him to stop "communicating"...

"Ah, Mistress Anoukisse, how might I be of assistance?"
"Can you tell me about this tome?"
Bragrogg found a quieter spot to recount his knowledge.

"Of course! This codex is written in the ancient Nathrezim tongue. Nathrezim, or the Dreadlords, as you call them, were once an enlightened and powerful race. Their skill in summoning and gateway magic was unsurpassed by any in the Great Dark Beyond.
This particular tome contains instructions to open a gateway to another world. Sadly, I fear that world no longer exists. It was destroyed as a show of power during the enslavement of Xoroth.
The tome is useless, I'm afraid. No Blood Elf warlock could open such a gateway alone.
"Why, Bragrogg, I had no idea you were so well informed."
"It is the way of the Observer to bear witness to all things that come to pass. So many delicious magics have I tasted at your side, mistress."

With some answers finally in hand, Anou and the Guild Master returned to Orgrimmar. She supposed she should bring the matter up with the Orc, Zevrost. He would likely know more about it.

[To be continued...]

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Siege of Orgrimmar, Meet Savage Darkness

Having yet to complete ToT on 10-man Normal, the guild alternated between it and Siege of Orgrimmar shortly after the patch, just to stay abreast of current end-game and assuage the team's curiosity and blood lust. We extended raid I.D. for ToT and reset Immersius every week until we finished up in ToT and could progress further through SoO.

Immerseus (Sept. 24, 2013)

Sun Rook He (Oct. 10, 2013)

Skittles, Taste the Rainbow

For some reason, I have no screen capture of Norushen "defeated". Sometimes we get so excited we run off and forget to snap it for posterity. Rest assured, he's been taken care of and we've moved on to the next bosses.

Sha of Pride (Oct. 29, 2013)

Galakras (Oct. 29, 2013)

Stay tuned for more Savage adventures! ;)