Tuesday, June 25, 2013 0 comments

I found it, I found it!

Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak! It was on top of this green carpet here in the engineering section of the Shrine! :D

Tee hee. /giggle
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Savage Darkness VS Horridon

This one didn't take too, too long to down, it was mostly the add control that was beating the team. So much poison... >.<

But last week, we finally killed the dinosaur.

"Bend from the legs, Darg!"

Team Photo

Team Photo Plus Shenanigans

Monday, June 3, 2013 4 comments

The Adventure

One morning, Anou and Polly decided to set out on an epic adventure. Not quite sure where to begin, Anou scanned a long parchment detailing some of her goals. One of these goals was to find and love every critter on the new continent of Pandaria. There were three little beasties left on this list, and the road she would have to travel to find them would bring her from the edges of the Jade Forest all the way to the Dread Wastes, and then up to Kun-Lai Summit.

As she scanned her parchment and map, detailing her trek through Krasarang Wilds, two little grummles happened by. They were also going to Dread Wastes, and would she be willing to bring them along, they asked?

Thus it began. With Polly at her side, Anoukisse and the two little traders mounted the enormous yak, and started on their way. The Shrine of Two Moons was far behind them now, and the shadowy jungle surrounded them like a thick fog.

The adventure she'd planned had been so spontaneous, she'd not thought of acquiring an escort for the long journey. They would stick to the path, she decided then and there. Polly would surely be alert to any sounds of danger, they would be alright, she tried to convince herself...

All of a sudden, out of the sky, came the silent hiss of a deadly drake. The little grummles began to quake with fear and it was all she could do to console them. But the wide-shouldered man who dismounted was friend—not foe. It was Pallyblood! With those sharp eyes of his, he'd seen her pink parasol from high above, and decided to come take a closer look, to see if Princesse Anou was out with an escort. As she was alone, he took it upon himself to provide her—and the two little squatters—with adequate protection for the remainder of their journey through the damp and silent Wilds.

The Light-Bringing paladin slew every vile-natured creature in their path, and the quartet—and Polly!—made it safely out of the Wilds and into the bright country side of the Vale of the Four Winds.

Their journey was cut short however, because Princesse Anou was being summoned elsewhere. The two tiny grummles, packs on their backs, walked the rest of the way, and her majesty went to attend her more pressing business.

As for the paladin, well, they are always needed somewhere, don't worry about him. :P