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Eight Little People

It was Mocki's idea, on a Friday night where only a few of us were online (and somewhat bored), to make a little posse of gnomes on a different realm and raid Hogger. Of course, the idea degenerated as the night continued, but it ended up being the funnest stupid idea ever!

Basically, we did a few quests inside Gnomeregan while waiting for the group to assemble. (I of course made a copy of Juniperus, but as a priest this time--figured my survival rate would be better if I had a heal spell to spam.) Facial hair and pigtails reigned supreme on the style list. Teniah started a trend by calling his 'toon Tinyten. Mocki and I, being girls, were more creative and gave our little people actual names. And Fangles, well, Fangles is a teenager and likes to use acronyms.

We were sitting to take a photo of this momentous occasion, when we realized Taint wasn't here yet. So we waited.

Waiting on Taint.

The plan was to run our baby-level gnomes to Ironforge, take the Tram to Stormwind, then run through the valleys and meadows through level 10+ territory to slay Hogger and his band of wild miscreants. But we had to entertain ourselves while we waited on Taint, who decided he wanted to be higher level. -.- (Secretly, I think he was compensating. Sshh.) Thus was born the Naked Gnome Dance™.

Naked Gnome Dance

While we waited at the station, Pally killed rats while Fangles begged for gold. Some very generous person who's name started with a K gave him ten gold and we thanked her/him profusely. With that gold, we were going to make a guild for our new tiny fellows! So we pondered names as we continued to wait for Taint.

Finally, he arrived. Errr. "She". And we sat to take a commemorative photo. [Cue music.] Pally wouldn't stop talking and Mothia kept closing his eyes, this was the best I could do. Incidentally, that dead rat in the front? It almost killed Pally.

Insert Friends Theme Song.

The tram arrived and on we got. Fangles was mapping our route as we huddled in the darkness. Except Taint. naturally. He's always the black sheep.

Going Underground

Upon our arrival, the gnome with the heavy pocket went straight to Aldwin Laughlin to discuss our creation of a guild. We all signed the charter and <Sekzie N I Gnome it> was officially open for business. Fangles created a most unique tabard for us, thank you for that, and our little group sported it with pride!

The Lollipop Guild Represents

Then it was off through Elwynn Forest to seek and destroy our quarry. It must have been quite a sight to behold, so many little gnomes wearing matching bright (to say the least) tabards, running loose through Stormwind then out into the night...

After a few close shaves (and maybe a death or three), we reached the bank of Hogger's encampment with the deft skill of Navy SEALs. Darger saw some helpless strangers attacking Hogger and encouraged his new clan to run to their aid, with a battle cry of "Fear not! We have come to save you!" on his lips!

We formed ranks like veteran soldiers, and waited in silence for Hogger to respawn.

"Psst. The boss is behind you!" ~Anonymous Bystander

Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that level fours cannot Convert to Raid, so we made two groups of four, with a healer in each. Darger initiated a ready Check. We were ready. /attacktarget

Mothia: "Dammit Taint, focus!"

Darger kept our nemesis' attention while the mages threw all sorts of fire at him. We had him high-tailing it in no time! As predicted, at 1 HP the drama unfolded, Hogger was brought to justice by some humans working for the Alliance...

Die Hogger! Or Live in Shame for EVER!

And off we went to plot a new means to end our boredom... But that's... another story...

Onward! To Sentinel Hill!

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My very first 'toon was Juniperus, a gnome mage that I dreamt about on the trip home from our couples' weekend (see first paragraph of The Lovely Lyv).

In the picture below, Angrod was my husband's new character, and Deamatrona was Fart's.

He was very cute, still is actually, although now he is sitting on some Latin realm, unplayed. I still think one day I'll want to play him, but right now, I'm not too keen on learning Spanish to communicate with the people on that server, so he will continue to sit comfortably in the inn at Thelsamar.

"More Stew Please."

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The Dalaran Mammoth Parade

Bankers on Strike

Awww... /gooey


Mountain of Mounts

Last night, after several attempts with a different team on Heroic Morchok, we switched it to regular and bull-dozed. We'd gotten a late start and a lot of us were tired anyway... Once again, someone decided on a theme and everyone picked it up.

There was another screencap I got seconds after where Kuiper joined our line with his own raptor mount, but Viag decided to mount a camel and that totally killed my modus operandi. The balance was all off.

This being said, I have started a new Label--you can see at right--called Mountain of Mounts. This Label will actually be about displaying screen caps I took where mounts are the prime focus, and not about special in-game mounts I've won or seen or what not.

 Edited Oct. 28th, 2013: This category has been merged into various others, such as The Critter Collection and Guild Snapshots and Events. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, I am anal about clutter.
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Savage Posse

Lead On, Fez-Topped Monkey!

Yeah, Savage Posse. Sounds too friendly. How about Savage Angels or Hell's Posse? In a show of solidarity, we all brought out our Mechano-Hogs to help Hapis (my husband) celebrate his new mount.
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The Lovely Lyv

Where to begin with this character? How about here...

Devilssnare (as in Devil's Snare), my Undead Priest, was the first Horde 'toon I created shortly after discovering World of Warcraft back in February of 2008. You see, my husband had been playing about a year, having been introduced to the game by his best friend (Beelze). For a couple of years since having our kids, the four of us would rent a condo in the Laurentiens for a weekend in February. This particular year, my IRL best friend (a.k.a. "Fart"/Loudstinker, Beelze's girlfriend) had also started playing WoW, and all the three of them could talk about was the game. ARGH! Very frustrating, being left out like that.

Thus began my addiction.

One day, Fart and I were home, the kids were napping and at school, and we decided to play a bit of WoW. She made a warrior to go with my priest, and off we went. On and off like that, we leveled, afternoons with coffee and Dairy Milk Toffee Thins, and lots of giggling. We made it to level 72, and then she quit the game.

Logging off together in our crypt.

Awww..... <3

For Christmas that same year, I'd asked for a name-change for Devil as a present, because I kept being confused with a guy that went by Devilsknight who had a terrible reputation on our server. Lyv was reborn. Firstly, because I think she looks like Liv Tyler (I think Liv Tyler is extremely beautiful, please don't assume I'm trying to be insulting), and secondly because I like the irony of her being undead and a priest.

Sadly, I've since had to level her to 75, alone, to max her alchemy skill so she can brew up some pots and flasks for Anou, or transmute gems for Octavien. It has been helpful to my coffers, having her added professional support, but it just wasn't the same... Right now she is sitting there at level 78, with her ever-faithful cockroach, still somewhat dazed from her loss. There, there, Lyv, it'll be ok.
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Flash-Back: Alliance vs Lady Sylvanas

Poor Lyv. All she wanted to do was turn in a quest. We should have known that filthy demon Varimathras was planning a coup d'état.

Lyv and her cockroach, just innocent bystanders.

That's a Lot of Yellow

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Deathwing Dies, and Other Stuff

First and most importantly, Savage Darkness got to loot Deathwing last night, and not vice versa. It's about time, you say? Yes indeed.

It was on our third try I think, the tank went down at about 4% hp left, but the dps kept bonking him on the nose and the healers went OoM keeping them up. Just when we thought it was lost--again--TADA! Achievements flashed upon our screens and great whoops of triumph filled the channels of Ventrilo.

Well-Deserved Victory

Thank you Mothia, for providing your leet editorial skill to create this video for the guild!! :)

Teniah was with us, not Taint, which was sort of happy and sad at the same time. Teniah doesn't usually get to play with us because he works, so it was wonderful to be able to offer him this achievement; and Taint, our off tank who's been there since the get-go, had a "thing" and was unable to feel the satisfaction of finally getting the black beast down after all our weeks of hard work.

Our GM and main tank, Darger, won the mount. This reminded me of a conversation with Teniah, back when we'd won the ICC achievement mount.

"pretty pink unicorn fluffy heart glitter mount" ~Teniah

Three minutes before raid time, as the raid was assembling, Fereldin (a.k.a. Kuiper) decided to summon us to the Frozen Sea. I never remember what all the spots in game are called, and though I hesitated, I finally accepted the summon thinking it was somewhere inside DS (since it's in Dragonblight, a snow-covered zone).

-.- KUIPER!!!!

Low and behold, I found myself floating deep at the bottom of the center of the ocean with Pallyblood and Mothia who had also accepted the summon. Then Mothia, the mage, teleported himself to Dalaran, leaving Pally and I to fend for ourselves. Thanks for nothing. Plate weighs more than cloth Mothia! Pff! And he's usually the gentleman.

Luckily Viag saved the day and summoned us to the right place (KUIPER!) and we started the raid all laughing about the bottom of the middle of the Frozen Sea.

We were so thrilled about our victory against The Worldbreaker, that nine of us decided to mosey into Throne of the Four Winds to meet our glorious demise at the hands of the Conclave of Wind time and time again. It did allow Octavien to get some nice shots with his "Spirit Cam" after plummeting to his death on one of those occasions...

It's heart-warming to know Blizzard thinks of its members by working so hard on the details of these places "as seen from below".
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A New Font: Feast

Next raid night...

Anou in Pork

Pallyblood's Cooking, Mothia's Mage Thingy

Aww, Pallyblood. <3 Too!

First of all, Pallyblood made all these Great Feasts, spending his day slaughtering animals to make them. Secondly, he put them all down before raid to bring the guild Dinner Party achievement closer to fulfillment. But really, do I need to say how "frakken" sweet it was of him to write that out? It was his own idea, Anou had nothing to do with it. Mothia added his own touch by placing that bright white circle in the "o" and letting it bloom. Very pretty. Thanks boys! ;)

Aunty's Got a Surprise for Youuuu....

"Here kids! This rack of foam swords was on special at Toys-R-Us!" shouts Anoukisse delightedly.

Uh oh.

Watching the orc children run off, foam swords held high, a battle-cry on their lips, Anou can't help wonder to herself: Oh no. What have I done?

As if the orphan Matron can read her thoughts, Anou notices the evil eyes of the woman aimed directly at her. "Stop looking at me like that Matron Battlewail! I was trying to be nice!" /cower

Look-Alikes: Twin Locks

Public Transit

No, I don't know this person. Yes, I mounted my Red Drake on purpose when I saw she was wearing the same stuff as me. I agree, it's time to change outfit.

S.D. vs Alysrazor


We came, we saw, (we wiped a few times,) we conquered. Tyvm.

This is technically progression for us because our guild came back in full force a couple of weeks before Dragon Soul was released, so we never finished Firelands.

During one of our attempts (because we always decide to read up on the fights after attempting them a couple of times and dying several painful deaths--something about overconfidence killing the proverbial cat) we were rushed to the edge of the cliff wall by a band of mutant singing sunflowers! Don't be fooled by their sweet smiles and melodic voices! They are the sirens of this barren wasteland of flame!

Sadistic Killers

Upon my release and arrival in ghost form to the platform outside the Firelands instance, I met a couple of orphaned orphans, level-one critters, and an abandoned picnic basket. The encounter was still in progress--Mothia just refused to die--and despite my return to humanoid form, there they were, still alone on the platform. I mean come on! Who leaves orphans and level-one critters unsupervised around Ragnaros' domain? I voiced my thoughts on this in Vent, but Kuiper suggested I leave off the alcohol and drugs before raid. -.- As if. Here's the proof:

Where Are the Lunch Monitors?!?!