Friday, May 4, 2012

Deathwing Dies, and Other Stuff

First and most importantly, Savage Darkness got to loot Deathwing last night, and not vice versa. It's about time, you say? Yes indeed.

It was on our third try I think, the tank went down at about 4% hp left, but the dps kept bonking him on the nose and the healers went OoM keeping them up. Just when we thought it was lost--again--TADA! Achievements flashed upon our screens and great whoops of triumph filled the channels of Ventrilo.

Well-Deserved Victory

Thank you Mothia, for providing your leet editorial skill to create this video for the guild!! :)

Teniah was with us, not Taint, which was sort of happy and sad at the same time. Teniah doesn't usually get to play with us because he works, so it was wonderful to be able to offer him this achievement; and Taint, our off tank who's been there since the get-go, had a "thing" and was unable to feel the satisfaction of finally getting the black beast down after all our weeks of hard work.

Our GM and main tank, Darger, won the mount. This reminded me of a conversation with Teniah, back when we'd won the ICC achievement mount.

"pretty pink unicorn fluffy heart glitter mount" ~Teniah

Three minutes before raid time, as the raid was assembling, Fereldin (a.k.a. Kuiper) decided to summon us to the Frozen Sea. I never remember what all the spots in game are called, and though I hesitated, I finally accepted the summon thinking it was somewhere inside DS (since it's in Dragonblight, a snow-covered zone).

-.- KUIPER!!!!

Low and behold, I found myself floating deep at the bottom of the center of the ocean with Pallyblood and Mothia who had also accepted the summon. Then Mothia, the mage, teleported himself to Dalaran, leaving Pally and I to fend for ourselves. Thanks for nothing. Plate weighs more than cloth Mothia! Pff! And he's usually the gentleman.

Luckily Viag saved the day and summoned us to the right place (KUIPER!) and we started the raid all laughing about the bottom of the middle of the Frozen Sea.

We were so thrilled about our victory against The Worldbreaker, that nine of us decided to mosey into Throne of the Four Winds to meet our glorious demise at the hands of the Conclave of Wind time and time again. It did allow Octavien to get some nice shots with his "Spirit Cam" after plummeting to his death on one of those occasions...

It's heart-warming to know Blizzard thinks of its members by working so hard on the details of these places "as seen from below".


Mothia said...

Kuiper summons the raid to the bottom of the ocean and somehow I'm the big jerk....pffft!!!

lol :)

Elisa said...

LMAO! That's very true, good point. Although, let me amend that statement by clarifying that you could only be a small jerk, seeing as you're a goblin. :P

But you're right. All the "KUIPER!!!" and "-.-" did not clearly demonstrate the extent of our combined trauma at discovering ourselves at the bottom of the ocean.

Kuiper! If you're reading, HOW HORRIBLE OF YOU to PRANK US into almost CERTAIN DEATH! What if sharks had found us?! Not to mention getting to the top left very little breath, and what about durability damage?! Oh, and good luck killing DW with one healer and two dps less! /ragekick


Neil Yates said...

And to think, I was strongly tempted to summon the Raid to the bottom of the Frozen Sea in a FATIGUE state, but my morality compass intervened!

Elisa said...

I bet Pally and Mothia both had the same "Huh? WTF" look on their faces as I did, at finding themselves on the ocean floor and not on that dragon-infested island surrounded by the never-ending tsunami of fire... I was halfway out of breath when I realized I'd been pranked! :P BRAT!

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