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For the Horde!

Take that, Alliance scum!

Alliance Bones >:)

Incidentally, for those who didn't join before the Cataclysm sundered the earth, this used to be the entrance to Thrall's Cave of Office.
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There is No Spoon

There were glitches in the matrix when the Cataclysm sundered our world... At least, my graphics card was adamantly opposed to the new zones.

Northern Lights in Deepholm

Northern Lights in Deepholm

Dragon Parts in Deepholm

Snowflakes in Deepholm

Rubber Band Ball in Deepholm

Alphabet in Hyjal

Alphabet in Hyjal

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Rock On!

Rock On Dagrin, Rock On.

Dagrin and Anou enjoy the three minute Tauren Chieftains concert at the World's End Tavern in Shattrath.
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From the Twisting Nether

Dagrin. How could Anou possibly truck him for a new imp? For a new family of demons? Impossible. But curiosity made my mischievous Warlock set a talent point in the Grimoire of Supremacy to see what these new demons would look like.

WHA?! Where's Dagrin?!

No, no, no, no, no. No slobbering on my papers.

I call upon you, Shivarra!

Aah. The strong, silent type.

There you have it then. Fiz'tok, Bragrogg, Delersia and Kiltrax. Not bad names, either. They talked back too much, so Anou dust-of-disappearanced them back to the twisting nether to resume work with her charming Dagrin.

The information is still very varied with regards to Warlock pets and the destruction specialization, so for now Anou will keep things as they are and work on it when MoP launches—Arthas knows she'll have enough time on her hands when she hits level 90!

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The Captain's Booty

As everyone knows, today was Pirate's Day. I have never done the whatever-special-things-in-Azeroth on this particular day, namely because I never realized it only lasted one day. I know, there's not much to do really, but I felt special none the less getting Anou in on the fun.

Obviously, today called for one of Anou's many pirate costumes. I squealed my excitement in vent (rather loudly might I add) prompting Teniah to invite me to group with him so we could get it done together! Anyway, he's all in the know about this stuff, so I was lucky to have him to rely on...

Teniah: "That be a mighty sharp blade, lass!"


Teniah: "Aye, Cap'n, that grog certainly does the trick!"

(Teniah didn't really say all those things, I just like knitting stories together.. /wink )

He was such a sweetheart, waiting patiently at least twenty minutes for me to get the snapshot *just so*. Thank you, Ten. ;)

With my new outfit-buff on I decided to fly around Stranglethorn on the Headless Horseman's Mount, which seemed to fit the get-up, and I ended up in the staging area for Zul'Gurub. This spot reminds me of Teniah every time because we used to farm the dungeon up until its revamp for Cataclysm. We spent many a happy moment in there, giggling and killing, crossing our fingers for the Tiger Mount to drop.

Anyway, it's really nice in there when there are no mobs to harass you...

Tropical Jungle

Beautiful Waterfall

Ultimately, I found another great spot, and Anou decided she was Captain Jack Sparrow in his misadventures on the Isla de Muerta, where he watched from the shadows as Barbossa preached to his men:
"Gentlemen, the time has come! Our salvation is nigh! Our torment is near an end. For years we've been tested and tried, and each man jack of you here has proved his mettle a hundred times over and a hundred times again! Suffered, l have! Punished, we were, the lot of us. Disproportionate to our crime! Here it is! The cursed treasure of Cortés himself."

The parrot made a lot of noise in the cave, which was ultimately Anou's downfall. She would have summoned her Darkmoon Monkey, but really, Barbossa was the one with the mutinous monkey, wasn't he?
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Choo Choo!

No train wreckers for this choo-choo train, please. I only just noticed this Sept. 6th of this year, can you believe? My characters used to LIVE in Dalaran for crying out loud!

Cuckoo Clock Train

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Impromptu Wedding

One day, there was Anou, minding her own business, when all of a sudden, Meyana fancy-pants whispered her. "You are my WoW wife and Darger is my WoW hubby," she stated, matter of factly. "We should have a wedding."

If there's one thing you ought to know about Mey, it's that she has to do everything five minutes ago. And she has a 150% mount, so she can never get there fast enough. Therefore, when she decides something needs doing, people must fly around the world and summon her while she complains in vent about it not being fast enough. (Hehe.)

Well, being the WoW fashion type, Anou was quick to suggest outfits and accessories, and in vent, Pally, Darger and I were brainstorming the perfect location for this impromptu wedding. Taint logged in, slightly out of breath, for having been ordered onto the game "Now!" by Mey. Hahaha.

The Horde unfortunately doesn't own any beautiful cathedrals, only decrepit ones. But we are Blood Elves—well, except Darger—we deserve beauty and luxury! Gallywix's Pleasure Palace it was, then, and we all waited for Taint as he put together his 'toons outfits. Figures we'd be waiting for a guy playing a girl 'toon. Oh, the irony.

The ceremony official never showed—never trust a Goblin—so no vows were said, but a few great snapshots were taken and then the party started.

Jealousy from Afar

Ceremony in the Sunset

Party of Honor

(Rehearsal Dinner)

After Party Reception

Traditional Candid Photo

Darger Gives Pally Advice on Marriage

Taint Plays Coy but Moves in for the Kill

Jealousy from Afar

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What I Saw

Don't ask me where this one is from, I saw it, I loved it, I snapped it.

Random Scrollwork

This was back when our guild was running Trial of the Crusader, Twin Val'kyr.

Essence of Light

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Rabbit Cave Rave

Welcome to Savage Darkness, post raid, post content, end expansion, with pockets full of boredom at the near end of a to-do list. What can I say, we followed the rabbit into Wonderland. Or something like that...

The Elusive Darkmoon Rabbit

Darger's Angels

March of the Banners

Playing with Fire

Fire in the Hole

Rave in the Cave

Lascivious Dance

More Than He Could Chew

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International Man of Mystery

Darger and Meyana, awesome as always, humored me with their Asian-inspired wardrobes one morning this week. Darger found a large gong that fit the theme and I used my Have Group Will Travel for the last time to summon <Meyana, The Slacker>.

Why is Darger so happy?


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Look-Alikes: Thallynn and Avatar

Octavien is a fairly common model of beauty. Along his travels he has met many a clone... For instance, Thallyn (29/06/2009) and Avatar (26/07/2009).

Of course, having a superiority complex makes Octavien unlikely to socialize with knock-offs. A moment in time captured forever...