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Savage Credo

Savage Darkness is a laid back guild. I don't know how many times we've said this over the years, to the point that it's starting to feel like abused terminology.

During the course of a raid night, we tend to do random, immature things, from praying to non-existent gods, to attributing nightly theme companion pets. Like superstitious religious fanatics, we consider raid wipes the fault of the same particular players (even if they weren't even online that night), or the fault of one person not having repeated the night's mantra. We continuously shout in vent that "THIS IS OUR LAST ATTEMPT" to convince the Blizzard ninjas that we will truly not attempt the boss if we wipe again. We hold onto these beliefs like a dying man drinks.

When all else fails, we know we can fall back on the fact that we're the 11:30 guild, who will slay the boss at the last possible second of our raid time.

This being said, you have all previously met Octavien's Waffle.

Our credo on that particular night was, in some way, to interact with Waffle.

Without going into it, though I'm sure everyone here is old enough to put two and two together, the boys went all-out.
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Of Moos and Men

On a regular basis, during raids, Kuip uses his Whole-Body Shrinka', turning him into a tiny tankin' tauren. He switches his mic to "munchkin voice" then let's out a miniscule "CHARGE!" in vent and starts charging the boss.

This started back with Horridon in Throne of Thunder. It's absolutely the funniest thing he's ever done, and no matter when he does it, it always gets a laugh. See, his 'toon takes such teensy steps, we actually have time to /dbm pull 10 and he still hasn't reached his target. Actually, we usually all out-run him.
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I don't think this was an actual tmog, but rather a full set. I love the gold and black for this blood elf rogue, and how she matched her hair color to it. The fact that it's pulled into a ponytail too, makes it "realistic" in the sense that a woman in melee combat would probably prefer her hair tied away from her face.

One thing for sure, we're not certain if she's coming or going. She carries her namesake well, considering she wouldn't hold still five seconds for me to get a good shot of her.
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Wall Art

I suppose you can say that she is well-hung. Tee hee! ;)

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Sleeping Lions

Erysi logged on (back when she was still Erysi), sleeping in Dragonblight, to find a guild roster full of druids. Oddly, we only have one main druid player. Just as well. His heals are so good I bet he's eating a sandwich, cleaning his ear and talking to his girlfriend all the while dragging his elbow over the keyboard halfheartedly. And he still beats all of us other healers. #JealousOfNazzak