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Bride of the Embalmer

Upon her many travels, Anoukisse discovered a crooked old shed somewhere in the back country of Duskwood. The lit lanterns indicated someone was there. Eliza, Bride of the Embalmer stood in the entrance of her damp home, hollow eyes watching Anou's approach suspiciously.

Oddly though, I thought of this:
"Eliza, you are to stay here for the next six months learning to speak beautifully, like a lady in a florist's shop. If you work hard and do as you're told, you shall sleep in a proper bedroom, have lots to eat, and money to buy chocolates and go for rides in taxis. But if you are naughty and idle, you shall sleep in the back kitchen amongst the black beetles, and be wolloped by Mrs. Pearce with a broomstick." ~ Prof. Higgins
 Guess we know which one she chose.. ;)

Not sure if this NPC is still in game or not. Comments are varied. I may have to take a treck out there again!
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Pumpkin-Headed and Proud

"Want to see my good side? Hahaha, that was a trick question, all I have are good sides."
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Anou's Ooze


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Four Freebooters Fishing for Fortune

Kuiper: There's this cave I discovered right around here. There are little piles of sand in the shape of a heart. Something's got to happen in there, but I haven't figured out what yet.
[Much swimming occurs.]

Octavien: Ok, so we're here. Now what? [While picking up all the sand piles.]
Pallyblood: Octavien, quit taking all the sand.
[Octavien pouts.]
Kuiper: Maybe something special happens if all the chairs are occupied.
[Everyone takes a seat.]
[Some waiting occurs, in silence.]
[Octavien gets the brilliant idea of putting his Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner to good use. Others follow suit.]

Pallyblood: Nothing seems to be happening, Kuip.
Kuiper: Well, maybe not. Maybe it's just here for no reason. [Goes off to Google it.]
Pallyblood: I wonder if... [He summons a Plump Turkey.]
[Darger laughs his sadistic laugh.]

[The Plump Turkey does not jump into the fire. Everyone but Octavien is disappointed.]
Octavien: Hahaha! I mean... Yarrrr! Foiled by the poultry!
[Pallyblood casts Cooking Fire, beating Darger to the punch line.]
Darger: I was just about to do that myself.
Plump Turkey: Gobble gobble gobluhhkk...
[Octavien hangs his head in dismay.]

The pirates are all upset, can't eat the turkey, can't feel the flames, they missed pirate's day by at least a month, thus loosing out on notoriety...

Octavien gets another idea, and decides to summon a Ghostly Skull who speaks to the band of woeful miscreants.
"For too long I've been parched of thirst and unable to quench it. Too long I've been starving to death and haven't died. I feel nothing. Not the wind on my face nor the spray of the sea. Nor the warmth of a woman's flesh." ~Captain Barbossa

But the Skull's secret will remain untold. For shortly after, one by one, the conspicuously pink buccaneers left the cave, never to be seen again... [Cue dramatic music.]
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Fennek of Arathor

Love this tmog. It looks like it was all made to match, like a real set, but in fact it wasn't. Excellent job putting those pieces together, Fennek! :)

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Don't Diss the 'Stache

The Mogu 'stache, to be precise.

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Real I.D.

Meanwhile, in a [particularly horrible] LFR group [of j3rks]...

The reality of Real I.D. ;)

Mhm, yeah. That's Taint for ya.
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This is a Sign

Well now. This is awkward. Darger! Quit crowding Anou while she turns cloth into bolts at the bank!

Someone needs to find a hobby. Ahem.

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Look-Alikes: Single White Female Much?

Here I was, minding Anou's business at the bank, when an unreasonable facsimile appeared beside her. Creepy, isn't it.
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Hillsbrad Horses

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Octavien, Defender of Gods

Back when Octavien earned this achievement, I remember thinking "Man, I wish this was a title." It's a smexy achievement. Fits with Octavien's persona.

"Today, we welcome you into the Shado-Pan." ~Ban Bearheart

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Spawn of G'nathus

"Squeak!" (transl.: Yikes)

"Squeak skwee-eeek squeak!" (Transl.: This does not look good.)

Despite Spawn of G'nathus being one of the ugliest of all companions in game, enlarged here with a biscuit, and chasing after a shrunken Anou-in-Metamorphosis makes for quite a silly concept. Not to mention that sign someone put down "Danger Ahead"... ;)

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Flower Pots

Because we are now traveling in the opposite direction from the Isle of Thunder, I am finding new 'pretty stuff' to screen shot on my way to the Timeless Isle.

This new stuff, along with the treasure chests placed here and there in challenging locations, are what make the Timeless Isle worth it to me. The new zone/daily hub isn't really all that thrilling, and one major complaint is that it's so easy to gear a 'toon with the BoA drops in that zone, that LFR is becoming one ginormous headache.
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Pretty Orange Flowers

Now, as most of you know, I pay attention to details in this game. Flowers, table settings, precipitation... Tome made me realize I should also pay attention to decorative frames, thank you Tome.

The following screenshots, if I recall correctly, had Pallyblood /facepalming me in Vent. Yes, out loud--he actually smacked his forehead over the mic.

Anyway. So, you know that spot between Shrine of Two Moons and Halfhill? That mountain range you fly over when on a straight trajectory from these two points? I stop there each time (unless I have someone following me) to admire the pretty orange flowers. I 'lub' those flowers. They are my favorite!

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The Peanut Gallery

Here are some screen caps I've taken of our random conversations in Guild Chat.

Tomute = Kim Kardashian

[Imperial Silk Worm] Free to a good home!
In all honesty, if it wasn't for the people in my guild, who make me smile and laugh, the people who tease and joke and whine, and yes, sometimes they even make me want to tear my hair out, I would not still be playing WoW.

It's the people. The conversations. There are ups and downs in every guild, but really, if you didn't care about these people, it wouldn't affect you.
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I Wish I Was A Walrus

On one of those nights... I didn't feel like LFR, like dailies, like grinding bones (pun not intended, for all you pervs out there thinking it), like Timeless Isle, like having an adventure...

I felt like riding the logs in Grizzly Hills.

After several rides down the river toward Venture Bay, Anou took to her flying mount and made a few pit stops. One of them was at a seemingly vacant fishing shack (with fish still dangling from a rack) that looked so picturesque, I thought to take the coords for a possible future photo-shoot! But in my excitement, I pronounced my immediate thoughts, without filter, to the guild...

Ah, ya.. ya. Probably should have kept that to myself. My husband, who sits at his desk about one foot behind me, first gaped at me in disbelief, then just shook his head. LoL ;)